Wacky Waters [Krysta]

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Wacky Waters [Krysta]
Game Super Mario Maker 2
Game style Super Mario World style
Theme(s) SMM2-ThemeIcon-Forest.png
Time limit 300 seconds
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Wacky Waters [Krysta] is an official course in Course World in Super Mario Maker 2. It is a level published by NintendoNM, and was created by Krysta of Nintendo Minute. It is set in the forest theme and in the Super Mario World style.


The level begins with a ? Block containing a Fire Flower, several Spinies falling from Rotating Blocks, as well as a few Munchers underneath. Mario must wait for the water level to rise to swim over the Rotating Blocks and into a Spike Trap chasm. After collecting several Pink Coins in succession, Mario must enter a Key Door, then keep moving right to hit an ON/OFF Switch, releasing a large group of Monty Moles and providing access to the Checkpoint Flag. Afterwards, Mario must keep moving across to encounter some Big Spinies and Grinders, and continue swimming to reach the Giant Gate.



"Navigate tricky waters and test your swim skills!"