Toad Rescue (Super Mario Maker 2)

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Toad Rescue
ToadRescue SMM2.png
Game Super Mario Maker 2
Theme(s) Sky
Difficulty ★★☆☆
Time limit 500 seconds
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Toad Rescue is a course which appears in the Story Mode of Super Mario Maker 2. It is a job given to Mario by the Taskmaster after Red Toad is kidnapped. The course is set at night in the sky theme and has a difficulty rating of 2/4 stars. The clear condition for this course is to reach the goal with one Toad in tow. Once the course is completed, Red Toad will return to the castle, and the main hall can be worked on more.


The course starts out with the "Super Mario Galaxy" sound effect playing. Nearby are a floating Goomba and a few winged coins above many Bumpers. Shortly after, there is a blue pipe which drops out parachuting Fire Flowers, more winged coins, more Goombas, and one Big Goomba. Right after this is Red Toad, who will follow Mario. Below him is a Grinder and a 10-Coin. After this, there are more enemies, including a Fish Bone and a big Fish Bone, as well as a winged 1-Up Mushroom, then another blue pipe with more parachuting Fire Flowers. Then there is another Grinder and a 30-Coin. Finally, there is a large group of Goombas and two Grinders which Mario and Toad must jump over before finally reaching the Goal Pole.


  • "AHHHHH! Red Toad got kidnapped while we were taking an unauthorized break! Please bring Red Toad back before the Chief notices, or we're all busted! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノピオとランデブー
Kinopio to Randebū
Rendezvous with the Toads
Chinese 寻见奇诺比奥 (Simplified)
尋見奇諾比奧 (Traditional)
Xúnjiàn Qínuòbǐ'ào
Meeting with the Toads
Dutch Toad-redding Toad Rescue
French Sauvetage de Toad Toad Rescue
German Toad-Rettungsmission Toad Rescue-Mission
Italian Salva il Toad rapito Save the Kidnapped Toad
Korean 키노피오 구출 작전
Kinopio guchul jakjeon
Toad Rescue Operation
Russian Спасение тоада
Spasenie toada
Toad Rescue
Spanish (NOA) Al rescate del toad
Spanish (NOE) Al rescate del Toad Rescue the Toad