March of the Rookie Toads

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March of the Rookie Toads
Game Super Mario Maker 2
Theme Desert
Difficulty ★★☆☆
Time limit 300 seconds
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March of the Rookie Toads is a course which appears in the Story Mode of Super Mario Maker 2. It is Princess Peach's second job. It is set in the desert theme in the New Super Mario Bros. U style. The clear condition for this course is to reach the goal with all ten Toads following Mario. It has a difficulty rating of 2/4 stars. Completing this course unlocks the Princess Peach Wig.


The course starts out with a Pipe which gives Mario a Super Mushroom. Right after this are the Toads. Mario needs to pick up all ten of them and take them to the goal. Next are two Goombas and a Big Fire Piranha riding in a cloud, then a few more Goombas. There is a ? Block in this area containing a 1-Up Mushroom. There is another ? Block later on with another Super Mushroom inside. There is then a Hammer Bro above another ? Block with a Super Mushroom. Up next is a Flimsy Lift on a Track, with a 10-Coin. Right after this is the Goal Pole.


"The Toads that were scheduled to work today haven't arrived yet. I fear they may have gotten lost somewhere along the way. Would you mind bringing all 10 of them back safely?"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 新人キノピオ 大行進
Shinjin Kinopio Daikōshin
Rookie Toads: The Great Parade
Spanish (NOA) La marcha de los nuevos toads The March of the New Toads
Spanish (NOE) La marcha de los nuevos Toads The March of the New Toads
French La marche des nouveaux Toads The March of the New Toads
Dutch Toadophaaldienst Toad Collecting Service
German Marsch der Neuling-Toads March of the Rookie-Toads
Italian Dieci piccoli Toad Ten Little Toads
Russian Поход тоадов-стажеров
Pokhod toadov-stazhorov
March of the Rookie Toads
Korean 새내기 키노피오 대행진
Saenaegi Kinopio Daehaengjin
The Great March of the Rookie Toads


  • This is the only job where Toads appear without their helmets, likely due to the job only appearing after the castle has been completed.