Under the Angry Sun

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Under the Angry Sun
Under the Angry Sun
Game Super Mario Maker 2
Game style New Super Mario Bros. U style
Theme(s) SMM2-ThemeIcon-Desert.png
Difficulty ★★☆☆
Time limit 300 seconds
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Under the Angry Sun is the fourth course in the Story Mode of Super Mario Maker 2. It is set in the desert theme and in the New Super Mario Bros. U style. It is posted by Amateur Meteorologist, and has a difficulty rating of 2/4 stars. Completing this course on Story Mode awards Mario with 150 Coins.


At the beginning of the level, Mario must board a moving platform on a track. The Angry Sun then appears, attacking Mario while multiple winged Coins and a Propeller Mushroom fly at him. Mario then can collect more coins and dodge parachuting Goombas. Mario can fly into a row of ? Blocks, with one containing a 1-Up Mushroom. He then must dodge Spike Traps, and can collect a 10-Coin by stepping off the platform and flying back up. Coins and a Big Goomba, both equipped with parachutes, then appear. A 30-Coin is located between Spike Traps, which Mario must fly between to collect the coin. The platform then falls off the rail, and Mario can jump to the Goal Pole.


"Today in the desert, expect clear skies all day with a chance of solar flares. There's an excessive heat warning in effect from sunrise to sunset, so don't forget to slather on a thick layer of sunscreen before stepping outdoors. Either that or find a propeller and press R Button to avoid the burn."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さばくの太陽 あっちこっち
Sabaku no Taiyō Acchi Kocchi
The Desert Sun Here and There
Chinese (Simplified) 沙漠中无处不在的太阳
Shāmò Zhōng Wúchùbúzài de Tàiyáng
The Desert Sun Everywhere
Chinese (Traditional) 沙漠的太陽到處飛
Shāmò de Tàiyáng Dàochù Fēi
The Desert Sun Flying All About
Dutch Een boze zonnige dag An Angry Sunny Day
French Les dangers du Soleil The Dangers of the Sun
German Die unbarmherzige Wüstensonne The Ruthless Desert-Sun
Italian Sotto il sole malvagio del deserto Under the Angry Sun of the Desert
Korean 요리조리 사막의 태양
Yorijori samagui taeyang
The Desert Sun Here and There
Russian Под палящим солнцем
Pod palyashchim solntsem
Under a Scorching Sun
Spanish Bajo el sol del desierto Under the Desert Sun