Fly-By-Night Clown Car

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Fly-By-Night Clown Car
SMM2 Fly-By-Night Clown Car.jpg
Game Super Mario Maker 2
Style New Super Mario Bros. U style
Theme Ground
Difficulty ★★☆☆
Time limit 500 seconds
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Fly-By-Night Clown Car is the thirty-ninth course in the Story Mode of Super Mario Maker 2. It is set in the ground theme and in the New Super Mario Bros. U style. It is posted by The Gamemaster, and has a difficulty rating of 2/4 stars.


The level begins with a single Fire Koopa Clown Car. Mario must then take out two rows of Goombas followed by Koopa Paratroopa-Fire Piranha Plant hybrids and then some red Warp Pipes featuring Big Piranha Plants. Some winged Big Spinies follow, along with some additional red Warp Pipes featuring Big Fire Piranhas. A few Big Chain Chomps atop Hard Blocks are encountered next, leading directly to the Goal Pole, where Mario must take down a big winged Bowser to proceed.


"I made a fun ride where you fly through the night sky in a Fire Junior Clown Car! Hold Y Button to charge up giant fireballs that can break Hard Blocks! There's a reward if you make it to the end. Heh heh heh..."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファイアクッパJr.クラウンの 夜間飛行
Faia Kuppa Jr. Kuraun no Yakan Hikō
Fire Junior Clown Car Night Flight
Spanish (NOA) Cápsula koopayaso de fuego nocturno Nocturnal Fire Koopa Clown Car
Spanish (NOE) Minihelikoopa de Fuego nocturno Nocturnal Fire Junior Clown Car
French (NOA) Une nuit en Clown Koopa Jr. A Night in the Junior Clown Car
French (NOE) Une nuit en Junior-mobile A Night in the Junior Clown Car
Dutch Een nachtritje in een Koopa-Clown-capsule A Night-Flight in a Koopa Clown Car
German Nachtflug in der Clown-Kutsche Night-Flight in the Koopa Clown Car
Italian Clown Koopa di fuoco in volo notturno Fire Koopa Clown Car in Nocturnal Flight
Russian Ночной полет с огоньком
Nochnoy polyot s ogon'kom
Night Flight with a Light
Korean 파이어쿠파주니어피에로로 야간 비행
Paieokupajunieopieroro yagan bihaeng
Night Flight with Fire Koopa Clown Car