Banzai Bill Ambush

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Banzai Bill Ambush
SMM2 Banzai Bill Ambush.jpg
Game Super Mario Maker 2
Style Super Mario 3D World style
Theme SMM2-ThemeIcon-Airship.png
Difficulty ★★☆☆
Time limit 300 seconds
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Banzai Bill Ambush is the tenth course in the Story Mode of Super Mario Maker 2. It is set in the airship theme and in the Super Mario 3D World style. It is posted by Father of Name Withheld, and has a difficulty rating of 2/4 stars. Completing this course in Story Mode awards Mario with 150 Coins.


The level begins with a single incoming Banzai Bill, along with a ? Block containing a Super Bell. More incoming Banzai Bills as well as a few Semisolid Platforms follow, including some Rock Blocks that the Banzai Bills break. The Checkpoint Flag soon follows, along with three ? Blocks, two of which contain coins and the third with a Super Bell. More Banzai Bills come at the player, one of which Mario can claw in his Cat form to break some Rock Blocks encasing a 10-Coin. Even more incoming Banzai Bills, Rock Blocks, and Coins follow, along with another 10-Coin later on. Afterwards Mario will encounter one more Semisolid Platform before the Goal Pole.


"GWAHAHA! I've got an army of Banzai Bills guarding this place! I'm hoping they'll surprise Mario by sneaking up behind him. Any of you chumps out there desperate enough to test it out before Mario shows up? Get to the end and get paid!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おくから登場! マグナムキラー
Oku kara Tōjō! Magunamu Kirā
Entrance from the Back! Banzai Bill
Spanish (NOA) Emboscada de Bill banzai Ambush of Banzai Bills
Spanish (NOE) Emboscada de Bill Banzais Ambush of Banzai Bills
French (NOA) L'embuscade des Bill Banzaïs The Ambush of Banzai Bills
French (NOE) L'embuscade des Bill Bourrins The Ambush of Banzai Bills
Dutch Banzai Bill-overval Banzai Bill Raid
German Reisen-Kugelwilli-Kanonade Banzai Bill Barrage
Italian L'imboscata dei Banzai Bill The Ambush of Banzai Bills
Russian Налет биллов-банзай
Nalet billov-banzay
Banzai Bill Raid
Korean 안쪽에서 날아오는 매그넘킬러!
Anjjogeseo naraoneun maegeuneomkilleo!
Banzai Bills Flying from the Inside!