Darkness Ahead, Darkness Below

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Darkness Ahead, Darkness Below
Darkness Ahead, Darkness Below.
Game Super Mario Maker 2
Game style Super Mario Bros. style
Theme(s) Ghost House
Difficulty ★★☆☆
Time limit 500 seconds
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Darkness Ahead, Darkness Below is a course which appears in the Story Mode of Super Mario Maker 2. It is Partrick's second job, and is set in the ghost house theme and the Super Mario Bros. style. This course has a difficulty rating of 2/4 stars. Completing this course will make a Hidden Block containing a vine which leads to Soundfrog appear over a red flower that is right of Peach's Castle.


The level starts with a small corridor and four coins above a pit. Past the pit there are several ledges that lead to a dead end. Left of the dead end is several coins leading to a Flimsy Lift above the pit. In this pit there are two rows of five coins, which lead to another hallway. There is then ledge leading to a downwards set of three coins, and left of this set is a Super Mushroom under two Brick Blocks, and right of it are two Brick Blocks leading to an area. This area contains four coins and two Hidden Blocks on the right, one containing a vine. This vine leads to four coins, a hallway and coins that are in a pit, leading to another hallway that has five Flimsy Lifts over it, which lead to a 10-Coin. At the end of this hallway there are several coins leading down to another hallway, which is right of a Brick Block that is under a 1-Up Mushroom. At the end of this hallway there is a coin under a set of six Brick Blocks. Left of these Brick Blocks are two sets of four Hard Blocks that are above a 10-Coin and a Skewer. Right of these is another hallway that leads to an area with two sets of three coins, three Hidden Blocks, a Brick Block above the three Hidden Block, and a small room with a 10-Coin that is above the Brick Block. After this there is another hallway with a coin under two sets of four Hard Blocks that are under a Skewer, and two paths. The lower path leads to a dead end with a Brick Block with coins above it, and the upper path leads to a coin and the Goal Pole.


"We were thinking about buying this new property, but they haven't turned the electricity on yet. Could you take a look at the basement and tell us how spacious it is?"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese お先 真っ暗! くらやみの地下道
Osaki Makkura! Kurayami no Chikadō
Total Darkness Ahead! Dark, Dark Underground Path
Chinese (Simplified) 前方一片漆黑的黑暗地下道路!
Qiánfāng Yīpiàn Qīhēi de Hēi'àn Dìxià Dàolù!
Dark Underground Path where it's Total Darkness Ahead!
Chinese (Traditional) 前方一片漆黑的黑暗地下路!
Qiánfāng Yīpiàn Qīhēi de Hēi'àn Dìxià Lù!
Dark Underground Path where it's Total Darkness Ahead!
Dutch Duisternis om je heen Darkness Around You
French Enveloppé par les ténèbres Wrapped in the Darkness
German Weit und breit Dunkelheit Far and Wide Darkness
Italian Tenebre avvolgenti Enveloping Darkness
Korean 앞이 깜깜! 어두운 지하도
Api kkamkkam! Eodu-un jihado
Darkness Ahead! The Dark Underground Path
Russian Мрак, один сплошной мрак
Mrak, odin sploshnoy mrak
Darkness, Sheer Darkness
Spanish Oscuridad aquí y allá Darkness Here and There