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Superball Mario
A Course World official by NintendoJP with the Superball Flower.
Course ID 24Y-BMK-5JG
Game Super Mario Maker 2
Game style Super Mario Bros. style
Theme(s) Ground (Main area)
Underground (Sub area)
Time limit 300 seconds
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Superball Mario is an official course in Course World in Super Mario Maker 2. It is the third level published by NintendoJP, with the "standard" tag. It is set in the Super Mario Bros. style, in the ground theme for the main area and the nighttime underground theme for the sub area.


The level is made up of mechanics introducing the Superball Flower. There are two ? Blocks at the beginning, one containing a Superball Flower which powers Mario up into Superball Mario. The first challenge has some coins overhead he can get with a good bounce. Next is a Big Piranha Plant he needs to defeat with a Superball to get some more coins. After that is a Pipe dispensing Superball Flowers. The next challenges have Hard Blocks in the ground which indicate where Mario should be standing. In one of them, Mario needs to throw a Superball up to a P Switch to turn the Brick Blocks blocking his path into coins. There is then a Swinging Claw on a track - by throwing a Superball at the right time, he can get a 10-Coin. He then needs to enter the Door to get to a cave area. There are many colorful enemies in here as well as another pipe giving out Superball Flowers. There is another pipe at the end which takes Mario to the sub area.

The sub area is underground at nighttime, making it upside-down. Mario needs to hit the POW Block on the other side to clear away the Big Muncher blocking his path, as well as knock down coins and a 10-Coin above him. He is then able to enter the pipe to get back to the main area, where there is one last 10-Coin to get followed directly by a Thwomp and the Goal Pole.



(The nostalgic "Superball Mario" makes a comeback! You can use Superballs that hit and rebound off of walls to defeat enemies and collect coins. Give it a try!)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーボールマリオ
Sūpābо̄rū Mario
Superball Mario