Launching Bob-ombs, Collecting Co-coins

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Launching Bob-ombs, Collecting Co-coins
The Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode level Launching Bob-ombs, Collecting Co-coins.
Game Super Mario Maker 2
Game style Super Mario World style
Theme(s) Airship
Difficulty ★★☆☆
Time limit 500 seconds
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Launching Bob-ombs, Collecting Co-coins is the seventy-sixth course in the Story Mode of Super Mario Maker 2. It is set at night in the Airship theme and is set in the Super Mario World style. It is posted by Eccentric Millionaire, has a difficulty rating of 2/4 stars, and has a payment of 100 coins.


The course starts out with a winged Super Mushroom flying toward Mario. There are Bob-ombs and Bill Blasters with Bob-ombs inside throughout the course. There are also arrows made of coins in the sky Mario can get by throwing Bob-ombs into the air. The explosion from the Bob-ombs will also knock any coins in the radius down. Mario needs to collect at least 50 to complete the level.

Later on there is a Hammer Bro riding in a cloud and a Fish Bone, as well as a 10-Coin Mario can get by throwing a Bob-omb at the right moment. There is then another winged Super Mushroom and another Fish Bone, as well as a Magikoopa riding in a cloud. By the Giant Gate, there is a Trampoline atop a block high up which Mario can knock down by destroying the block with a Bob-omb kick. He can then use the spring to get to the top of the Giant Gate.


"Will you indulge my favorite pastime? I've scattered Coins hither and thither. Try to collect 50 of them before reaching the goal. Here's a hint: grab Bob-ombs with Y Button, then tilt ↑ on Left Stick to throw them skyward."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 打ち上げボムへいでコイン集め
Uchiage Bomu-hei de Koin Atsume
Coin-Collecting by Launching Bob-ombs
Chinese 用炸弹兵升空收集金币 (Simplified)
用炸彈兵升空收集金幣 (Traditional)
Yòng Zhàdànbīng Shēngkōng Shōují Jīnbì
Collect Coins by Launching Bob-ombs to the Sky
Dutch Bom-ombs gooien en munten verzamelen Throwing Bom-ombs and Collecting Coins
French Lancer de Bob-ombs pour collecte de piè-pièces Throw Bob-omb to Collect Co-coins
German Bob-ombs und Müm-ünzen Bob-ombs and Co-coins
Italian Bob-omba e mo-monete Bob-omb and Co-coins
Korean 폭탄병을 쏘아올려 코인 모으기
Poktanbyeong-eul ssoaollyeo koin moeugi
Coin Collecting by Launching Bob-ombs
Russian Звон боб-омбов и монеток
Zvon bob-ombov i monetok
Chime of Bob-ombs and Coins
Spanish (NOA) Lanza bob-ombas y consigue mo-monedas Throw Bob-ombs and Collect Co-coins
Spanish (NOE) Lanza Bob-ombs y consigue mo-monedas Throw Bob-ombs and Collect Co-coins