List of Super Mario Maker pre-release and unused content

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This is a list of pre-release and unused content for the game Super Mario Maker.

Earlier builds[edit]

E3 2014[edit]

Originally called Mario Maker, this build of the game was first presented at E3 2014 with a demo that the attendees could play with the following differences compared to the final game:

  • There was only one row with 14 placeable course elements: Brick Blocks, ? Blocks, ? Blocks with Super Mushrooms in them, Ground blocks, Pipes, Trampolines, Lifts, Coins, Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Hammer Bros., Piranha Plants, and Wings.
  • Ground Blocks were placed in a way similar to Semisolid Platforms.
  • In the Super Mario Bros. style, objects had heavier shading, certain objects looked shinier (Coins, ? Blocks, and Brick Blocks), and the background had a grid pattern unlike the final's recreation of the Super Mario Bros. background.
  • There was no sign at the beginning of courses.
  • Coins emitted sparkles when collected.
  • Details that automatically pop up when creating a course weren't in the game yet.
  • Enemies exploded when Mario touched the flagpole.
  • In the demo the timer was set to 999 unlike the final game which can only go up to 500 seconds.
  • The icon for selecting which direction a moving platform should go was circular rather than square.
  • Instead of the clock icon used in the final game, it instead said "Time" over the Time.
  • Trampolines in the Super Mario Bros. style had a different sprite that was more true to Super Mario Bros. compared to the final build.
  • Super Mushrooms could not be placed on their own in the demo and were instead in a block automatically.
  • The HUD in the editor looked completely different then in the final game.
  • In the Editor, instead of the rocket ship was a trash can. Also, the Undodog and hand had their original sprites from Mario Paint.
  • There was also an button for placing objects with a hand representing it.
  • Weird Mario had a different sprite which looked more like a stretched out Small Mario instead of having his own unique sprite.
  • In the New Super Mario Bros. U theme, the animations were different.
  • The background was flat in the New Super Mario Bros. U theme and none of the objects (clouds, hills, etc.) moved along with the screen.
  • Whenever the player finished a course in the demo, a voice saying "Congratulations!" could be heard, confetti would fall along with some Super Stars, and a few hands would clap for the player. In the Super Mario Bros. style the hands were pixelated, while in the New Super Mario Bros. U style they were smoother.

Game Awards Trailer[edit]

During the Game Awards, a trailer for Mario Maker was released. While it was closer to the final game than the E3 2014 build, it was still very different.

  • The object selector's color was red.
  • The object selector had where the number is in the final an object that looked like a ninja star.
  • The Super Mario Bros. 3 style's sign looked different.
  • The Fire Flower's color in the Super Mario Bros. 3 style matched the original game's color.
  • The Bill Blaster and Cannon both turned blue in castles and underground even in the Super Mario World style.

Unused data[edit]

Unused costume data[edit]

Several unused costumes are referenced in the game's CharaMarioTable.byaml file. None of them have graphics associated with them, however. Note that these names would not have been displayed in-game, as the in-game names are stored in a different file. These text strings are not present in the updated archives in updates 1.01 and above.[1]


Eight of the costumes, that were previously unused in the initial launch version, were later re-added as Event Course costumes and rewards for completing the 100 Mario Challenge in the v1.40 update.


Early Splatoon graphics[edit]

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In the game's files there are early versions of clothes and weapons from Splatoon.

Unused course element graphics[edit]

There are several unused sprites found in the game files. Some sprites of Mario in Super Mario Bros. 3 suggest that ground pounding and wall jumping were originally going to be used in the other styles, outside of the New Super Mario Bros. U style.

Super Mario Bros.[edit]

Big Mushroom sprites[edit]

Super Mario Bros. 3[edit]

Super Mario World[edit]

New Super Mario Bros. U[edit]

Unused palette graphics[edit]

Several blank images are stored with the regular palette graphics. lyt is short for "layout".

Super Mario Bros. 3[edit]


"killer" is the Japanese name for Bullet Bill, suggesting that at one point Bullet Bills could be placed without needing a Bill Blaster.


Possibly the Angry Sun, suggesting that it was a placeable object at one time (it eventually became placeable in Super Mario Maker 2).

Super Mario World[edit]


"killer" is the Japanese name for Bullet Bill, implying that it would have been possible to place them without needing a Bill Blaster.


Possibly the Angry Sun, indicating that it would have needed a new sprite to accommodate the Super Mario World style.

New Super Mario Bros. U[edit]


"kutsukuribo" refers to Shoe Goombas which in the final game in the New Super Mario Bros. U style are replaced by Yoshi.


Possibly the Angry Sun.


"superkonoha" refers to the Super Leaf, which in the New Super Mario Bros. U style are replaced by the Propeller Mushroom.


A drawing of Nikki from Swapnote found in the game's Layout folder.

An image of Nikki from Swapnote can be found in the game's Layout folder, under the name "image.jpeg".