List of Mario Party 8 pre-release and unused content

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This is a list of pre-release and unused content for the game Mario Party 8.

Early Boxart[edit]

Early menu[edit]

An early demo title screen of Mario Party 8, featuring artwork of the playable veteran characters from the previous Mario Party game. From left to right: Wario, Peach, Boo, Daisy, Luigi, Mario, Yoshi, Waluigi, Birdo, Toad, Toadette and Dry Bones. Dry Bones was announced before Hammer Bro's announcement on 4th August 2007.
The early title screen
  • The original title screen for Mario Party 8 was just a white screen with the veteran playable characters running after a Star.
  • Blooper and Hammer Bro selecting panels were blank with a question mark, instead of arts of themselves, as it is in the final version.
  • Duel Minigames were called "Two-Player Minigames" in the demo version.
  • When selecting Blazing Lassos or Ion the Prize, the demo jumps straight into the minigame. In the final version, players have to select P1's opponent.

Unused data[edit]

M809 - Hammer de Pokari[edit]

A beta minigame, from Mario Party 8.
Hammer de Pokari minigame

Hammer de Pokari is an unused 4-player minigame from Mario Party 8. It takes place on a giant sand castle in a beach inhabited by Goombas, which does not appear anywhere in the game. In this minigame, players must swing the Wii Remote sideways to swing hammers. Its objective is to get most whacks in. After a player is whacked five times, the minigame ends. Every player has a Coin counter on their tallies. However, they are not used for anything in the state of the minigame, or even are changed during gameplay. It was replaced by Speedy Graffiti.

M813 - Guruguru Kataduke[edit]

A beta minigame, from Mario Party 8.
Guruguru Kataduke minigame

Another unused minigame found in the debug menu is the 4-player minigame Guruguru Kataduke (literally translated as "Round and Round Finish"). In this minigame, the players must spin their Wii Remote in a clockwise fashion to roll up their ribbons, colored according to Mario Party 7's player colors. In the background, there are many present boxes and two Shy Guys on a table. To win the minigame, it is necessary to roll up the ribbon completely. It was replaced by Rudder Madness.

M853 - Ochiruna Rodeo[edit]

A beta minigame, from Mario Party 8.
Ochiruna Rodeo minigame

There is an unused duel minigame in Mario Party 8 called Ochiruna Rodeo, that takes place in a farm, inside a pen where the competitors ride two mechanical bulls. The players must tilt the Wii Remote in the direction of the bulls, or they can fall. The last player standing on their mechanical bull is the winner. It was replaced by You're the Bob-omb.

Debug menu[edit]

Like the last three Mario Party games, Mario Party 8 contains a debug menu that is visually identical to Mario Party 4's debug menu, once again with the minigame names being changed. This is the last Mario Party game to reuse this debug menu.[1]



Toadsworth was planned to be in the game, as there are his unused voice clips found in the brsar file that stores all the sounds of the game. It is unclear what role he was going to take in this game as he has only two voice clips: happy and sad.


Ztar fanfare[edit]

There is an unused, "bad" version of the "You Got A Star!" fanfare, suggesting that at one point the game was going to feature Ztars.

Unseen geometry[edit]

The garage in Bumper Balloons contains objects such as tires and crates, which are never seen in-game since the garage door never opens.[2]



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