Minigame Tent

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The Minigame Tent

The Minigame Tent is a tent in Mario Party 8. Here, players can play all of the minigames they have unlocked in the Party Tent or Star Battle Arena. Duel and Challenge minigames can only be unlocked in the Star Battle Arena during solo play, or in the Party Tent when using a Duelo Candy. There are a total of five ways to play the minigames:

  • The first mode, the Free Play Arcade, allows players to play all of the minigames they have unlocked elsewhere.
  • The next three must be unlocked by playing specific minigame types in the Party Tent or Star Battle Arena.
    • The second mode, Crown Showdown, is for up to four players. The players compete for the crown which can be achieved by winning either 3, 5, or 7 minigames. Players select the rules of play including number of player, number of wins needed, and the set of minigames to be played. Minigames from a set are chosen randomly.
    • The third mode, Flip-Out Frenzy, is also for up to four players. For each minigame won, players choose panels on a grid board to flip. When the player chooses a panel, all horizontal and vertical grids right next to it will also get flipped. The player with the most panels wins.
    • The fourth mode, Tic-Tac Drop, is only for two players. The players play duel minigames, with the winner permitted to drop a ball of their own color into a a Tic-Tac-Toe grid. The first player who get all three of their balls in a row win.
  • The last mode must be unlocked at the Surprise Wagon in the Fun Bazaar. It is called Test for the Best. The player competes for the best score from playing ten minigames. It is similar to the Mini-game Decathlon from previous Mario Parties, except only one player can play at a time. As they complete the minigames, the player scores points based on grade performance with "A+" being the best and "F" being the worst.