Mario Net Quest

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Mario Net Quest
Title screen of the Adobe Shockwave game Mario Net Quest
Developer C3 Incorporated[1]
Publisher IBM
Platform(s) Browser
Release date March 14, 1997[2]
Language(s) English (United States)
Genre Action
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Media Adobe Shockwave
Input Mouse

Mario Net Quest is an online Adobe Shockwave game developed by C3 Incorporated and published by IBM. It was created during a partnership between IBM and Nintendo as part of a contest promoting the IBM AS/400 servers.[2][3] The game uses elements from Super Mario 64.


The gameplay resembles that of a whack-a-mole game. In the game, the player controls Mario inside a room with tiles using the cursor. The goal of the game is to get as many points as possible within sixty seconds. Points can be obtained by clicking on the following items coming up from the tiles:

The player also needs to avoid the following enemies, which remove points when clicked on:

  • Bully: -500 points
  • Goomba (misspelled as "Goombah" in the instructions): -1,000 points
  • Boo (called "Ghost" in the instructions): -1,500 points

Bowser also occasionally appears near an entrance. Clicking on him causes the game to end immediately. His appearance is preceded by one of his sounds from Super Mario 64 and a Power Star appearing on the entrance, which can cause the player to accidentally click on Bowser and end their game. However, if the player is fast enough to click on the star before Bowser appears, they obtain 5,000 points.

Time is marked by a lit-up Bob-omb in the lower-left corner. At the end of the game, the Bob-omb explodes and a door opens; Mario is then seen near the door, saying "goodbye!"

The jingle that plays after entering a painting in Super Mario 64 plays at the start and end of the game, while a shorter version of the theme "Cave Dungeon" plays during gameplay.

The game reportedly had a second phase that led players through a "qualification round", which consisted in a web-based quiz.[1][4] This quiz was not preserved, and has currently not resurfaced.


The following staff was involved with Mario Net Quest:[1]

  • Design firm: C3 Incorporated
  • Client: IBM
  • Creative director, art director: Randall Hensley
  • Designer: Scott Williams
  • Illustration: Scott Williams, Randall Hensley
  • Programming, audio production: Caroline Wagner (Think New Ideas)
  • IBM clients: Adrianne Singer, Danielle Mattia, Charles Chesnut, Julie Furey



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