Super Mario Kart: Doki Doki Race

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Super Mario Kart: Doki Doki Race
An advertisement for Super Mario Kart: Doki Doki Race.
An advertisement for the game
Developer Banpresto and Takara
Publisher Atlus
Release date Japan 1994
Language(s) Japanese
Genre Arcade

Super Mario Kart: Doki Doki Race is a medal game based on Super Mario Kart that was released in 1994. The machine is 180 centimeters tall and 130 centimeters on all sides, and it weighs 150 kilograms. It uses an alternating current of 100 volts, 50–60 hertz, and 180 watts.[1]


Photo for Super Mario Kart: Doki Doki Race
Close-up of the machine

The game depicts Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, and Yoshi in their karts on a track shaped similarly to SNES Mario Circuit 1. A Lakitu and Cheep Cheep can be seen in the middle of the track, and a Monty Mole pops up from a hole when the race begins. Players bet on which character will win, and the winner receives a payout.[2] Karts can slow down, speed up, skid, and spin out.

An arrangement of Super Mario Kart's title screen music plays while players are placing bets, and a sped-up version of Mario Circuit's theme music plays when the karts are driving.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーマリオカートドキドキレース
Sūpā Mario Kāto Doki Doki Rēsu
Super Mario Kart: Doki Doki Race ("Doki doki" is Japanese onomatopoeia for a rapidly beating heart)

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