Super Mario World (arcade)

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Super Mario World
Flyer for Super Mario World.
Developer(s) Fabtek, Inc.
Publisher(s) Fabtek, Inc.
Release date USA 1993
Genre Roll-down redemption game
Mode(s) Single Player
Cabinet Redemption cabinet made of plywood.
Monitor LED display on Deltronic ticket dispenser
Input Balls
Another flyer for Super Mario World.

Super Mario World is an arcade game developed by Fabtek, Inc. in 1993. It is a self-described roll-down redemption game. It was designed to incorporate the theme of the 1991 video game Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The cabinet is made of plywood and is equipped with a Deltronic ticket dispenser.

The only information known about Super Mario World comes from two flyers distributed by Fabtek, Inc. targeted at arcade franchise owners and an individual picture that shows the front of the machine.[1]


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