Būbū Mario

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Front view of Būbū Mario ride.

Būbū Mario (Japanese: ブーブーマリオ), or literally Buzzing Mario, is a Mario arcade-ride hybrid game released only in Japan by Banpresto in 1993. Very little is known about it and can only be assumed through video playthroughs. The machine's dimensions are 1630mm tall, 900mm wide and 1650mm long.[1]


The game starts with Mario and Yoshi going into a representation of the physical ride for a drive. The player must swerve through stray boulders and leap over chasms while Mario narrates. After a period of time, the two meet up with Princess Peach and offer a ride to her. King Koopa then appears and whisks her away in his Koopa Clown Car. Mario and Yoshi pursue on foot for a brief while and catch up with Bowser. Bowser sends out a trio of Mechakoopas that the player has to withstand. After this, Peach is rescued and the three thank the player for riding.