Mario's Memory Madness

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Mario's Memory Madness
Developer(s) Unknown
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Browser
Release date 1998[citation needed]
Genre Action
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Media HTML
Input Mouse

Mario's Memory Madness was a browser game that was playable on the official Mario Party website. Unlike future promotional web games published by Nintendo, both Mario's Memory Madness and Wario's Whack Attack were made in Adobe Director instead of Flash and required the Adobe Shockwave 7.0 plug-in.


The gameplay was largely based on a memory game where the player had to flip and match pairs from a group of cards owned by Mario, which depicted faces of playable characters from Mario Party. The game was spread across several rounds; every round, the number of cards would increase, and starting with the second round, cards would occasionally change positions. The player earned five coins for every pair of matching cards and had a time allotted to finish each round. Mushrooms sometimes appeared temporarily among the cards, which determined the player to earn ten coins for every match instead of the usual five. If the time ran out, Bowser would steal Mario's cards, ending in a game over.

Before the game started, Mario would say the following via a speech balloon:

It's me, Mario!

I'm sure glad you're here. Bowser is trying to steal my magic cards!
I need some help matching my cards before Bowser takes them away! To play, click on a card with a "?" on it. When it flips over, try and pick the card that matches.
Everytime you get a match you earn five coins. If you make a match while the mushroom is up, you can earn ten coins. Be sure to hurry! If your bonus runs out, the game is over!

When you're ready to play, just click the "start" button.
Good luck!

The soundtrack that played during the game, which is the Super Mario Bros. Underground theme with hip-hop cues, is also the Option House theme from Mario Party.


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