Mario Sports Complex: Barrel Blast

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Mario Sports Complex: Barrel Blast
Mario Sports Complex: Barrel Blast
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Adobe Flash
Release date August 2005
Mode(s) Single player
Input Space bar and mouse

Mario Sports Complex: Barrel Blast is an Adobe Flash version of Barrel Batter from Mario Superstar Baseball. It was available to play in the 2005 version of Camp Hyrule.


The gameplay is similar to the Mario Superstar Baseball minigame. Barrels that come in three colors - red, yellow, or blue - will spawn, and Mario must hit the baseball into them. The player can score more points by hitting barrels of the same color that touch each other. Players must use the mouse to aim and the space bar to swing the bat. The player gets 15 balls total to earn at least 10,000 points; if they achieve this, they discover a Stumpy Stone, which would be placed on the Camp Hyrule map and notify the Camp Hyrule Directors. This would benefit the player's perspective cabin to gain points against other ones.