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Nintendo Kids Club is a division of Nintendo's official European website. It promotes contemporary Nintendo systems and games, while maintaining a focus on appealing to a younger audience. Nintendo of America has a similar division called Play Nintendo.

The website's content is split into six sections: Play Games, Create & Decorate, Read & Discover, Quizzes, The Cat Mario Show, and Videos.


Play Games[edit]

This section contains Nintendo-related games. The Mario-themed games are listed in the following table.

Game Description Link
Captain Toad's Dungeon Dash! icon.jpg
Captain Toad's Dungeon Dash!
A game where the player must rotate squares to create a path to an exit. [1]
Luigi's Word Jumble icon.jpg
Luigi's Word Jumble
A word search game using the names of Nintendo characters [2]
Make four with Mario icon.jpg
Make four with Mario
Connect Four, but with Mario and Luigi's names inserted [3]
Mario's Festive Jigsaw Jumble icon.jpg
Mario's Festive Jigsaw Jumble
A jigsaw puzzle game that swaps between various Christmas-themed Mario pictures. [4]
Mario's Festive Mix-up! icon.jpg
Mario's Festive Mix-up!
A winter-themed sliding tile puzzle game [5]
Match-Up Mario icon.jpg
Match-Up Mario
A memory game using items from the Mario franchise [6]
Nintendo Friends Object Hunt icon.jpg
Nintendo Friends Object Hunt
A search and find game where the player must find certain parts of a main picture. [7]
Peach's Puzzle icon.jpg
Peach's Puzzle
A jigsaw puzzle game that swaps between images of various Mario characters. [8]
Poochy's Mix-Up icon.jpg
Poochy's Mix-Up
A sliding tile puzzle game using artwork from Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World [9]
Shadow Spotter icon.jpg
Shadow Spotter
A game where the player must identify a specific character render's shadow. [10]
Yoshi's Mix-Up icon.jpg
Yoshi's Mix-Up
A sliding tile puzzle game using artwork from Yoshi's Woolly World [11]

Create & Decorate[edit]

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This section contains downloadable images that can be printed. Mario-themed printables include:

  • Nintendo Season's Greetings Cards: Christmas greeting cards with Nintendo-themed pictures on them.
  • Nintendo Gift Tags: Nintendo-themed Christmas gift tags.
  • Seasonal colour in with Mario: Christmas-themed coloring pages featuring Mario.
  • Nintendo-themed hanging decorations: Nintendo-themed hanging decorations.
  • Crosswords: Mario-themed crossword puzzles.
  • Colour-Me Characters: Mario-themed coloring pages.
  • Mario Kart Racers: Mario Kart 7 artwork that can be cut out.
  • Cat Mario Ears: Cat Mario ears that can be cut out and folded.
  • Colour In Cat Mario: Super Mario 3D World-themed coloring pages.
  • Colour In Captain Toad:Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker-themed coloring pages.
  • Cat Mario Paws: Cat Mario paws that can be cut out. These are based on the puppet from The Cat Mario Show.
  • Mario and Luigi Disguise Kit: Mario and Luigi caps and mustaches that can be cut out.
  • Colour In Yoshi: Yoshi's Woolly World-themed coloring pages.
  • Mario ? Block: A ? Block that can be cut out and folded.
  • Make a Mario Block: A Brick Block that can be cut out and folded.
  • Mario Party Cover Kit: A Mario Party: Star Rush-themed book cover, with a regular version and a version that can be colored in.
  • Cut out your own Cappy!: Cappy and Mario's mustache, coming in four sizes.

Read & Discover[edit]

This section contains Nintendo-related information. The following Mario-related sections are listed on the website:

Section Content
Mario Power-Ups
Mario is great at leaping into action but he has a whole host of power-ups to help him beat the bad guys too. Power-Ups are special abilities Mario gets, usually by collecting or touching objects during his adventures. They often only last a short time, so he has to make the most of them.

Find out all about some of Mario's most famous – and funny – power-ups below!

  • Mega Mushroom: Become gigantic and crush the opposition! Nothing’s a problem with the Mega Mushroom – just stomp your way through the land!
  • Double Cherry: This tasty treat makes an exact copy of Mario, movements and all. Can you handle two Marios at once? Or how about three, or four, or five…?
  • Fire Flower: Pick up a Fire Flower and unleash an inferno on your enemies! Hurl fireballs to burn your way through any situation!
  • Super Leaf: Become Tanooki Mario to add an extra flutter to your jumps and flick your tail to swat away threats!
  • Super Bell: Turn into a cat and clamber up walls, swipe at enemies and scamper to the top of Goal Poles!
  • Boomerang Flower: Make like a Boomerang Bro. – pick up this flower to slip into a shell and attack far away foes!
  • Cannon Box: Pop this box on your bonce and destroy anything in your path with a stream of cannonballs!
Yoshi Facts
Yoshi is one of the stars of the Mushroom Kingdom. He often helps Mario on his adventures but sometimes sets out to save the day on his own too!

Find out all about our faithful friend below in these Yoshi Fun Facts. Was there really once a pink Yoshi?!

  1. Yoshi is not a dinosaur, but simply a Yoshi!
  2. When not encountering enemies, Yoshi loves to eat fruit.
  3. Yoshi has a long tongue that can be used to eat almost anything!
  4. Yoshi can also beat enemies by producing eggs and throwing them in their direction.
  5. Yoshi is most commonly green, but there have been red, yellow, blue, pink, purple, brown, black, white and orange Yoshis that sometimes have special skills!
  6. Yoshi often carries the likes of Baby Mario, Baby Donkey Kong and Baby Peach throughout an adventure.
  7. Sometimes, there are Baby Yoshis that hatch from Yoshi Eggs. Characters like Mario need to carry them around and feed them before they grow into a full-size Yoshi that can be ridden.
  8. Yoshi can throw huge eggs called Mega Eggdozers, which destroy almost anything in their path!
Mushroom Kingdom
Welcome to the MUSHROOM KINGDOM!

The Mushroom Kingdom is where many colourful characters live. You will often find them adventuring, partying or even racing each other in karts – there's always lots going on!

So why not say 'Hi!' to some of the stars of the Mushroom Kingdom? They would love to meet you – Bowser might be a bit grumpy though!

Click on a character to find out all about them!

  • Mario: Mario is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom who is always on an adventure, usually rescuing Princess Peach from bad guy Bowser! He can grab Power-Ups that let him throw fireballs, become really big or even act like a cat!
  • Luigi: Luigi is Mario’s younger brother and he may be a bit shy but he is still a devoted hero with a very high jump. He can also be a little clumsy but Luigi always overcomes his fear whenever it is adventure time!
  • Peach: Peach is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. She keeps a watchful eye on her subjects but often gets kidnapped by the villainous Bowser. She is no softy, though, and is always prepared to fight her corner!
  • Toad: Toad is Peach’s friend and subject who often helps out during exciting exploits in the Mushroom Kingdom. Do not ignore him because of his small size – he is very quick, which helps him escape sticky situations!
  • Yoshi: Yoshi is part of the Mushroom Kingdom gang, and often gives Mario piggybacks. Yoshi catches enemies with a long tongue, and even swallows them whole! Listen out for the catchphrase: ‘Yoshiiiiiiiiiii!’
  • Bowser: Bowser is the Mushroom Kingdom villain, and is also called ‘King of the Koopas’. He is in love with Peach, and tries to defeat Mario with devious plans. Being big-headed is Bowser’s weakness, and he always gets angry with his minions when Mario ruins his schemes!
Introducing Captain Toad!
Captain Toad is a member of the Toad species and loves exploring, but gets scared when faced with danger. Captain Toad likes to go on adventures with Toadette to collect treasure.

Wingo is a gigantic bird who likes shiny objects like Power Stars. While Captain Toad likes to search for treasure honestly, Wingo likes to steal Power Stars using his big claws.

Captain Toad travels through locations like Wild West towns, tropical aquariums and eerie haunted houses, all filled with dangerous enemies and obstacles.

After a day of tracking treasure, Captain Toad likes resting by an open fire at night. He stores his hoard of Coins in his tent.

Captain Toad meets many baddies on his adventures. Sometimes he'll have to hide from spooky Boos or Shy Guys, and he even has to dodge Goombas that charge straight at him!

Captain Toad can smash through many obstacles in his way by using a Super Pickaxe.

Captain Toad's rucksack is heavy, which means he can't jump! However, it lets him explore underwater places for sunken treasures without floating to the surface.

Pluck Patches are like plants that Captain Toad can pull from the ground to find treasure. Sometimes they reveal Turnips, which Captain Toad can throw at enemies!

Captain Toad also meets a fire-breathing dragon named Draggadon. This beast doesn't like being disturbed, so Captain Toad must sneak around when Draggadon is nearby!

Nintendo through the ages
Did you know that many of your favourite Nintendo game characters actually appeared in their own video games more than 30 years ago? It’s true, and they looked quite different to the folks that you’re familiar with now.

Let’s take a trip back in time to see how these characters used to look and what they were like back then!

  • MARIO: This famous resident of the Mushroom Kingdom first appeared over 30 years ago. His dungarees are blue now, but even back then Mario went on big adventures, stomping on baddies and saving the princess.
  • PEACH: Peach has been ruling over the Mushroom Kingdom and taking care of her subjects for quite some time now. She still gets kidnapped by Bowser from time to time, but she’s more than capable of finding her own means of escape!
  • BOWSER: Some bad guys never change, and that’s certainly the case for Bowser! Even back then, the King of the Koopas had a pesky habit of kidnapping Peach and luring Mario to his castle for showdowns.
  • DONKEY KONG: Did you know that this friendly Kong was once a rival of Mario’s? That’s bananas! Donkey Kong still likes to cause a bit of mayhem, but he’s far more civilised nowadays. He even wears a tie!
  • LINK: Here’s how Link looked when he set off on his very first quest to save Hyrule. It’s nice to know that even back then Link liked his green tunics!
  • KIRBY: It turns out that everyone’s favourite pink hero was always this adorable! His appetite for adventure and ability to inhale bad guys and copy their powers is still present, too.

The Cat Mario Show[edit]

Episodes 1-33 of The Cat Mario Show can be viewed here.


Nintendo-related videos can be viewed here, including the animated shorts from Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World, and Rescue V: Fearless Color Defenders from Paper Mario: Color Splash.

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