Bicep Pump

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Clay attempting to pop all the balloons within the time limit.
“This is the Bicep Pump, a new training machine for building PS Muscle.”
Minigame Instructor, Mario Tennis: Power Tour

Bicep Pump is the fourth minigame from the Game Boy Advance game Mario Tennis: Power Tour. This minigame helps Clay or Ace build up PS Muscle, which can also be built up in Rope Climb. PS Muscle later benefits their Power Shot. The objective is to pop the balloons until the player reaches the given number of points within 60 seconds. The player must pop the balloons with a spiky ball. If the spiky ball hits the player with enough momentum, they become unconscious for a few seconds. The slowest balloons are the yellow balloons, which are worth one point. The second slowest balloons are the red balloons, which are worth two points. The fastest balloons are the blue balloons, which are worth three points. For each level, the points vary. For level one, the player needs to get 100 points, 150 for level two, and 200 for level three.


  • Lift the spiky ball - A Button/B Button

In-game descriptions[edit]

Level 1: Pop balloons and try to reach the target score within 60 seconds. You need 100 points.
Level 2: Pop balloons and try to reach the target score within 60 seconds. You need 150 points.
Level 3: Pop balloons and try to reach the target score within 60 seconds. You need 200 points.
Challenge: See how many points you can get without missing a balloon. Try for a new record!

Browser game[edit]

Icon used for browser games related to Mario Tennis: Power Tour
Title screen
Title screen, with instructions

The minigame was adapted into an online Flash game to promote Mario Tennis: Power Tour. It was listed under the name Mario Tennis: Power Tour -- Bicep Pump in the Nintendo Arcade, a section with promotional web games on Nintendo's official website.[1] While the Flash version of the minigame keeps the gameplay and scoring system of the original, the timer is reduced to 30 seconds and there is no set goal. Also, Clay is always the playable character.


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