Tightrope (minigame)

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Clay attempts Tightrope.

Tightrope is the eighth minigame in Mario Tennis: Power Tour. Completing the minigame will raise Clay or Ace's PS Balance statistic. The player character must walk along 100 meters of tightrope, suspended above a pool of water, while carrying a brown pole. The characer will be able to walk faster if this pole is balanced. If the pole is unbalanced, the player must use +Control Pad to balance it. For example, if the pole was leaning to the right, the player must hold left on +Control Pad.

While crossing the tightrope, the character may also be offput by other things affecting the balance of the pole. In Level 1, three Kleptos will land on one side of the pole over the process of the game. If the Klepto weighs down the left side of the pole, the player must hold right on +Control Pad. In Level 2, spouts of water will come out of the pool, pushing one side of the pole upwards radically. Again, the player must push the other side of the pole upwards to balance the pole again. In Level 3, Cheep Cheeps will grab onto ends of the pole. The Cheep Cheep will initially push the pole upwards, before weighing the same side down. The player's character moves forwards automatically.

In Level 1, the player has 120 seconds to cross the tightrope, 100 seconds in Level 2, and 90 seconds in Level 3. In Challenge Mode, the player attempts to beat the level in the quickest time possible.


  • Balance the pole - +Control Pad

In-game descriptions[edit]

Level 1: Keep a steady balance on the tightrope and cross 100 meters in 120 seconds or less.
Level 2: Keep a steady balance on the tightrope and cross 100 meters in 100 seconds or less.
Level 3: Keep a steady balance on the tightrope and cross 100 meters in 90 seconds or less.
Challenge: See how fast you can cross a 100-meter rope. Try for a new record!