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Clay having just tackled the Tacklebot.
“This is the Tacklebot, a new training machine for building PS Body.”
Minigame Instructor, Mario Tennis: Power Tour

Tacklebot is the ninth minigame from the Game Boy Advance game Mario Tennis: Power Tour. This minigame helps Clay or Ace build up their PS Body statistic, which later benefits their Power Shot. The objective of this minigame is for the player to charge up power and tackle the Tacklebot until it is defeated, whilst defending to avoid getting stunned for a brief period of time.

The player must press either the A Button, B Button button, or both to charge up their power meter. When Clay or Ace make contact with the Tacklebot, they will inflict more damage, depending on the level of their power meter. Tacklebot will also charge in the same way, which can stun the player. Tacklebot will also launch projectiles from Level 2 onwards, which the player blocks by holding left on the +Control Pad. Tacklebot will also block, reducing the amount of damage he takes considerably.

Tacklebot has 100HP in all three levels, but takes less damage, depending on the level. Tacklebot is silver in Level 1, green in Level 2, red in Level 3, and a mix of yellow, red and blue in Challenge level. Its design is based on a sumo wrestler. In Level 3, the player can damage Tacklebot enough to reveal its robotic innards. Tacklebot will lose its entire outer shell during Challenge level.


  • Tackle/Defend - +Control Pad
  • Charge power - A Button/B Button

In-game descriptions[edit]

Level 1: Take on the Tacklebot and defeat it in 30 seconds or less.
Level 2: Take on the Tacklebot and defeat it in 40 seconds or less.
Level 3: Take on the Tacklebot and defeat it in 60 seconds or less.
Challenge: Take on the Tacklebot and see how quickly you can take it down!