Spike Koopa

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Not to be confused with Spiked Koopa.
The minigame Key-pa-Way.
Five Spike Koopas guarding a treasure hoard

Spike Koopas[1] are bipedal Spinies with frog-like faces and Goomba-like fangs found only in Mario Party, appearing exclusively in the minigame Key-pa-Way. Their role is to prevent all four player characters from unlocking the door to a stash of Coins. If a character comes in contact with one, they get stunned or drop the key needed to unlock the door. Spike Koopas can be easily avoided by jumping and tossing the key.


Sprites and models[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トゲロー
Pun on「トゲゾー」(Togezō, Spiny) and「ゲロゲロ」(gerogero, onomatopoeia for frog's croaking), referring to their froggish face


  1. ^ "Open the door without letting the Spike Koopas get the key. If they do, the game ends. Press B Button to pass the key." – Key-pa-Way Game Rules, Mario Party