Kyodai Togemetto

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Kyodai Togemetto
Kyodai Togemetto
Species Big Spiny
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 3 (1992)

The Kyodai Togemetto, despite its name, is a giant Spiny that was trapped in a special rock cage in Chocolate Island 5. It appears only in chapter 8 of Super Mario-kun volume 3.

While Mario and Yoshi are battling (and losing) against the last remaining Spiny, it comments on how Mario would not stand a chance against its boss, the Kyodai Togemetto, before it finds itself trapped in the Empty Block cage once again after the P Switch timer runs out. While continuing on their journey, Mario and Yoshi find a skull switch. Even though they understand the risks, Mario instinctively presses it, freeing the Kyodai Togemetto. Mario has no chance against it, but Luigi, riding a Flying Platform, comes to his brother and Yoshi's rescue, then slams the platform on the ground so hard that the Kyodai Togemetto capsizes on its back. Mario then proceeds to finish it off by tickling it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 巨大トゲメット
Kyodai Togemetto
Giant Spike Top