Eternal Star

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Eternal Star
Appeared in Mario Party
Difficulty Gold star.pngGold star.pngGold star.png
Availability Unlocked by collecting 100 Stars and completing each other board once
Description "At last, the final contest! Get back the stolen Stars!" (before first completion)
"Use your Star Power to put the big Star back together again." (after first completion)
“Here we are on a giant Star. This Star was broken up by Bowser, and he even wrote graffiti all over it! This cannot be permitted!”
Koopa Troopa, Mario Party

Eternal Star is the final board in Mario Party. It is unlocked by collecting 100 Stars and completing all other boards including at least once. Upon meeting these requirements, Bowser will steal all of the Stars from the Mushroom Bank, requiring the player to go to Eternal Star to retrieve them. After this happens, the rest of the boards become temporarily inaccessible until Eternal Star is completed. The board is a giant Star that was broken up by Bowser, who also wrote graffiti on it. Amongst the graffiti are drawings of Bowser's bogus items from the other boards, as well as the stone face from Bowser's Magma Mountain. Players need to collect Stars to put the giant Star back together. During the board's introduction, Bowser sends Koopa Troopa flying; as a result, he does not appear at the start to give Coins to players returning there, though he still hosts the Last Five Turns Event and announces the final results.

Instead of Toad, players have to get the Stars from Bowser's cohorts, the Baby Bowsers. To get Stars from them, players will have to pay the Baby Bowser 20 Coins as usual. However, this will cause the Baby Bowser to challenge the player to a Dice Block game, where the player must roll a higher number to win. The player's Dice Block is rigged to roll only numbers from 8-10, so the game is heavily weighted in the player's favor. If the player wins, the Baby Bowser gives up the Star and leaves, leaving an ! Space behind. If the Baby Bowser wins, he takes a Star from the player if they have any. When all 7 of the Baby Bowsers are dispatched, 7 more will appear. The Happening Spaces make Bowser use his magic to send all the players back to the start. The different parts of the board are connected by a system of Warp Machines with one of three possible connection layouts, which is chosen at random at the start of a game. If a player reaches Bowser, he steals a Star (or 20 coins if they don't have a Star), sends them back to start, then changes the routes of the Warp Machines.

At the end of the game, the winner's stars form into a large star that blasts Bowser and Baby Bowser into outer space, and the giant Star is then put back together. It zooms into an endless warp, taking all the players, Toad, Koopa Troopa, Boo, and the Star along for the ride.


The following table shows how many spaces there are on the board, and how many there are of a certain type.

Type of Space Number of Spaces
BlueSpace MP1.png
Blue Spaces
RedSpace MP1.png
Red Spaces
HappeningSpace MP1.png
Happening Spaces
ChanceSpace MP1.png
! Spaces
0 (Goes up by 1 after a Baby Bowser's Star has been taken, up to a max of 6. Resets to 0 after the 7th Baby Bowser has given away its Star)
Mini-GameSpace MP1.png
Mini-Game Spaces
MushroomSpace MP1.png
Mushroom Spaces
BowserSpace MP1.png
Bowser Spaces
Total of Spaces 60

The Baby Bowsers always start in the same positions on the board.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese えいえんのスター
Eien no sutā
Eternal Star
French L'étoile éternelle The eternal star
German Der ewige Stern The forever star


  • Because of the nature of this board's Happening Spaces, it is impossible to have a green Player Panel on this board.
  • This is one of the two boards to not have a 4th place downfall at the end of the game, the other board being Bowser's Magma Mountain.