Waluigi's Island

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Waluigi's Island
MP3 Waluigis Island Board.png
Appears in Mario Party 3
Difficulty ☆☆☆
Availability Unlocked by completing Story Mode on any difficulty, which involves defeating Waluigi
Description Tricky traps & crafty contraptions.
Music sample
“You’re all here! Welcome to the legendary Waluigi’s Island! On this island of wicked traps, you’ll battle to become the Superstar.”
Millennium Star, Mario Party 3
The logo of Waluigi's Island.
Waluigi's Island logo

Waluigi's Island is the unlockable board in Mario Party 3. It is an island based on industry and cleverness. Piranha Plants are even found working in cranes. It is the only board in the game to be named after a playable character.

The island with all the dynamite is the first place players always go to. The Happening Spaces are dangerous here, because every time someone lands on one, the number in the center of the explosives counts down. It always starts on 5, but when it gets to 0, the dynamite explodes. Anyone caught in the blast loses all their coins (this scheme is similar to the Bowser Coin Beam of Space Land from Mario Party 2).

Action Time is the main part of the board, where players who want to get off the dynamite island activate the gear in the center of the board. The four arrows on it (up, right, down, and left) flash in clockwise order at a random speed. Players jump to the gear, and stop it when they land. The arrow that is flashing when they land is the path they have to take (if it stops at the down arrow, or if players take too long to act, they stay in the dynamite island).

The island with all the spaces in the upper left is a unique part of the board. Every turn, the spaces change to another type of space. The space type is chosen at random. If a player lands on a Happening Space next to one of the two drawbridges connected to the island, the raised drawbridge lowers and vice versa. This changes the entrance to the island. The one space that never changes is the Bank Space, located at the bottom of the island.

Players that want to get to Boo have to take one of two paths, where one of them is booby trapped. If they take the path that has the trap, they are sent back to the start. Wherever players go on the topsides of the board, they will always go to into red pipes that lead them to the green pipe near the start (similar to Luigi's Engine Room from Mario Party).

In Story Mode, the human player goes up against Waluigi and two other opponents. They battle here to get the Mischief Star Stamp that Waluigi stole. Winning here allows players to play this board in Party Mode.

On a side note, if players look around at the Island's various scenery, the player may be able to see several different Luigi references around the board. This could mean that Luigi once owned the island before Waluigi claimed it. For example, when players look at the top right-hand side of the board, there is a Piranha Plant demolishing a house which even has the name 'Luigi' imprinted on the front of it. Also, there are many different Luigi signs and a Luigi podium. Above the demolished house, players can see a vehicle (made in Waluigi's image) towing a house (presumably Waluigi's) onto the island.


The following table shows how many spaces there are on the board, and how many there are of a certain type.

Type of Space Number of Spaces
BlueSpace MP3.png
Blue Spaces
45 (62 if the upper left island has Blue Spaces)
RedSpace MP3.png
Red Spaces
3 (20 if the upper left island has Red Spaces)
ItemSpace MP3.png
Item Spaces
9 (26 if the upper left island has Item Spaces)
HappeningSpace MP3.png
Happening Spaces
BowserSpace MP3.png
Bowser Spaces
4 (21 if the upper left island has Bowser Spaces)
BattleSpace MP3.png
Battle Spaces
5 (22 if the upper left island has Battle Spaces)
BankSpace MP3.png
Bank Spaces
ChanceSpace MP3.png
Chance Time Spaces
2 (19 if the upper left island has Chance Time Spaces)
GameGuySpace MP3.png
Game Guy Spaces
2 (19 if the upper left island has Game Guy Spaces)
Total of Spaces 99


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワルイージとう
Waruīji tō
Waluigi Island
French Île de Waluigi Waluigi's Island
German Waluigis Eiland Waluigi's Island