Rainbow Galleria

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Rainbow Galleria
Rainbow Galleria in Super Mario Party Jamboree
Appears in Super Mario Party Jamboree

Rainbow Galleria is a board that appears in Super Mario Party Jamboree. It takes place in a shopping mall that consists of a ground floor and two elevated floors, which can be climbed up towards or climbed down from through pink and blue escalators. Players can also use the elevator to go between the ground floor and top floor.[1] In this board, a flash sale will occasionally take place, in which Stars and items[1] can be purchased for half the price for a limited amount of turns. There appear to be a number of shops, such as one with a Peepa and a Boo Bell design motif. There are also four colored stamp stations (green, blue, pink, and orange) located throughout the board.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese わくわくショッピングモール
Wakuwaku Shoppingu Mōru
Exciting Shopping Mall

Chinese (traditional) 令人興奮的購物中心
Lìngrén Xìngfèn de Gòuwù Zhōngxīn
Exciting Shopping Centre

Dutch Regenboogplaza[2]
Rainbow Plaza
French (NOA) Galeries multicolores
Multicolor Galleria
French (NOE) Galeries arc-en-ciel
Rainbow Galleria
German Regenbogen-Kaufpalast
Rainbow Shopping Palace
Italian Galleria arcobaleno
Rainbow Galleria
Portuguese Shopping Arco-íris[3]
Rainbow Mall
Spanish (NOA) Plaza Arcoíris
Rainbow Plaza
Spanish (NOE) Galerías Arcoíris
Rainbow Galleries


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