Infernal Tower

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Infernal Tower
Infernal Tower.png
Appeared in Mario Party 6

Infernal Tower is a board in Solo Mode from Mario Party 6. This is the Bowser board of the game, decorated with his personal icon and surrounded by lava, much like other Bowser boards in the series. The board contains thirty-one spaces total, most of them being 4-Player Spaces.

The Green Spaces are in front of steel doors. Landing on one causes a Chain Chomp to come out and bash the player back to start. Because of this effect, this board is ideal for getting a lot of coins and initiating minigames.

If a player goes past the last space of the board, he or she stops at a small platform. This activates a trap, causing a cage to fall on the player, who is then carried away by Bowser in his Koopa Clown Car. In the process, the player loses all possessions.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese のぼれ!クッパタワー
Nobare! Kuppa Tawā
Climb! Bowser Tower
Spanish Torre Infernal Literal translation
French Tour de Bowser Bowser's tower
German Turm Infernale Literal translation
Italian Torre Inferno Inferno Tower


  • Infernal Tower is the first board to be a Bowser-themed board which does not have Bowser's name in the title.