Battle Space

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Battle Space
MP9 Battle Space.png
Purpose Triggers a battle minigame.
First appearance Mario Party 2 (1999)
Latest appearance Mario Party 9 (2012)

The Battle Space is a special space that first appeared in Mario Party 2.

When a player lands on this space, Goomba comes by, gets a certain amount of coins from each player (it chooses the amount randomly in this game and then chooses by roulette in the rest of the series) and a Battle minigame begins. Players attempt to battle each other to get the jackpot that the Goomba took.

  • 1st Place - 70%
  • 2nd Place - 30%

If the total jackpot is not a multiple of 10, all coins but one will be distributed in this manner, and the remaining coin goes to a random player. In Mario Party 4, Goomba becomes the host of his own board, and its role as Battle minigame host is filled by Bob-omb.

A Battle minigame will not take place if a player lands on this space and there are less than 20 coins in play total. Also, if all players lose the Battle Minigame, the coins are refunded to their original owners.

In Mario Party 5, Mario Party 6, Mario Party 7, Mario Party 8 and Mario Party DS, Battle Spaces are dropped from gameplay. In these games, Battle minigames periodically appear in lieu of the usual end-of-turn minigame (only 4-player mini-games in Mario Party 5, 6, and 7), although it happens entirely by chance (except in Mario Party 8, where it occurs once every 10 turns).

In Mario Party 6, these spaces are changed entirely, having a violet B on them (a lightning bolt in the European and Australian versions), and are only found in Solo Mode. Landing on one of these makes the player play a Battle minigame against the Koopa Kids.

Battle Spaces return in Mario Party 9. Hammer Bro and Fire Bro now co-host the Battle minigames, and one will appear whenever a Battle Space is landed on, with Hammer Bro appearing more frequently. Hammer Bro will take three Mini Stars from each player before starting the minigame, while Fire Bro will instead take a total of ten from whoever places last, and split them between the winners, working the same way in Mario Party, wherein the loser(s) must give the winner(s) coins after playing a specific minigame. Either Bro will provide extra Mini Stars if at least one player does not have enough Mini Stars, even if players have no Mini Stars at all. The captain will then pick the game that gets played, unless the group has already passed Toad, in which case the player in last gets to pick. If everybody ends up in first place or last place, the Fire Bro will not give or take any Mini Stars away from any players. If only two players are present, however, then there won't be any Battle Spaces on the board. The twenty-two battle minigames now include Goomba Village, Skipping Class, Card Smarts, Launch Break, Thwomper Room, Ring Leader, Goomba Bowling, Bomb Barge, Speeding Bullets, Player Conveyor, Flinger Painting, Tuber Tug, Mecha Choice, Skyjinks, Pizza Me, Mario, 10 to Win, Magma Mayhem, Logger Heads, Pinball Fall, Peak Precision, Don't Look and Manor of Escape.

After the minigame,

Hammer Bro:

  • 1st Place - Six Mini Stars (50%)
  • 2nd Place - Four Mini Stars (33.3%)
  • 3rd Place - Two Mini Stars (16.7%)
Fire Bro's distribution of Mini Stars
Amount of Players Placing Mini Stars Obtained
Three players First place Seven Mini Stars
Second place Three Mini Stars
Third place Minus Ten Mini Stars
Four players First place Five Mini Stars
Second place Three Mini Stars
Third place Two Mini Stars
Fourth place Minus Ten Mini Stars
  • Last Place does not always mean 4th Place, it means the current lowest ranking shown. So even if two players tie for 3rd or three players tie for 2nd, it is Last Place since it's the lowest ranking.
  • If three players tie for first, then the loser loses 9 Mini Stars and the winners get 3 each. On the contrary, if three players tie for Last Place, then they each lose 3 Mini Stars while the winner gets 9.[1]

Official profiles[edit]

Mario Party 2[edit]

  • Wii Virtual Console manual: "This starts the Battle minigame that everyone participates in."


Name in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Casilla de minijuego de batalla Battle minigame space
French Espace combat (MP2)
Case combat (MP3 to 6)
Case mini-jeu combat (MP9)
Battle Space
Battle Space
Battle Minigame Space
Chinese 對戰小遊戲格
Duìzhàn Xiǎoyóuxì Gé
Battle Minigame Space