List of Mario Party 2 in-game music

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In Mario Party 2, the player can listen to the game's music by using the Orange Playlist in the Options Laboratory.


Song title Description
Pirate Land Plays in Pirate Land.
Western Land Plays in Western Land.
Space Land Plays in Space Land.
Mystery Land Plays in Mystery Land.
Horror Land Plays in Horror Land.
Mini-Game Land Plays in Mini-Game Land.
Rules Land Plays in Rules Land, which is the game's explanation of the rules.
Adventure Begins Plays at the start of a board game, when Toad explains Bowser's role in the board and when determining turn order. Also plays at the beginning of the Mini-Game Coaster.
The Way to Play Plays at the start of a board game, when Koopa Troopa is subject to the board's gimmick. Also plays when choosing a course in Driver's Ed.
Star Spot Plays when showing the location of the Star and Baby Bowser.
Bowser's Theme Plays when a player lands on a Bowser Space.
I Can Do It Plays:
  • When commencing a Battle or Duel minigame.
  • In Mini-Game Stadium's Battle and Duel modes.
  • When the Baby Bowsers challenge the player to Shell Shocked at the end of the Mini-Game Coaster.
Chance Time Plays in Chance Time.
A Ways to Go Plays:
  • Before the last 5 turns.
  • When reaching the goal in the Mini-Game Coaster's Hard course.
  • When announcing the winner(s) in minigame Stadium's Battle and Duel modes.
Duel Plays in the Duel minigames.
The Adventure Ends Plays at the end of a board game - when counting Stars and coins and awarding bonus Stars. Also plays when completing the Mini-Game Coaster's Easy and Normal courses.
Ending Plays:
  • When the Superstar defeats Bowser in the board's ending cutscene and during the final results.
  • At the end of minigame Stadium's Trial mode.
  • When completing the Mini-Game Coaster's Hard course.
  • In the game's ending.
The Star Appears Plays when the Superstar appears to challenge Bowser in the board's ending cutscene.
Bowser Appears Plays when Bowser appears in the board's ending cutscene, and when Bowser is summoned with a Bowser Bomb or Bowser's Appearing Act.
Let the Game Begin Plays on the minigame explanation screen.
Going for the Coins Plays in the minigames Bowl Over, Shell Shocked, Hexagon Heat, and Hot Bob-omb. These minigames are intense.
Not Gonna Lose Plays in the minigames Balloon Burst, Bumper Balloon Cars, and Driver's Ed. These minigames involve balloons.
Keepin' on the Path Plays in the minigames Tile Driver, Speed Hockey, Totem Pole Pound, Magnet Carta, Shock Drop or Roll, Bob-omb Barrage, and Face Lift.
Couldn't Be Better Plays in the minigames Bumper Balls, Lights Out, Abandon Ship, Bombs Away, and Grab Bag. These minigames involve combat.
Know What I Mean? Plays in the minigames Roll Call and Honeycomb Havoc. These minigames involve guessing. Note that the version in the sound test does not loop correctly.
That's All of It Plays in the minigames Archer-ival, Shy Guy Says, and Bowser's Big Blast. These minigames involve survival.
Let's Have Some Fun Plays in the minigames Cake Factory and Crazy Cutters.
The Blue Skies Yonder Plays in the minigames Slot Car Derby, Handcar Havoc, Mecha-Marathon, and Day at the Races. These minigames involve racing.
Going Somewhere Plays in the minigames Bobsled Run, Sky Pilots, and Platform Peril. These minigames involve turbulence.
No Fright, No Fear Plays in the minigames Hot Rope Jump, Sneak 'n' Snore, and Dungeon Dash. These minigames involve dangerous situations.
Don't Look Back Plays in the minigames Skateboard Scamper and Lava Tile Isle.
Got an Item Plays in the Item minigames.
This Way That Plays in the minigames Destruction Duet, Crane Game, Quicksand Cache, and Filet Relay.
Walking Underwater Plays in the minigames Torpedo Targets, Deep Sea Salvage, and Rainbow Run.
Spinning Polka Plays in the minigames Looney Lumberjacks, Toad in the Box, Tipsy Tourney, Dizzy Dancing, and Rakin' 'em In.
How Many? Plays on the minigame results screen.
Take the Coin Plays on the results screen for Battle minigames.
Go Lucky Plays on the title screen.
Story One Plays in the intro, up to the point when the characters argue over Mario Land's name.
Story Two Plays in the intro, from the point Peach decides on a name for Mario Land to the point Bowser invades.
Story Three Plays in the intro, starting from the point Koopa tries to tell the characters about Bowser's invasion.
Welcome to Mario Land Plays in the lobby of Mario Land, which is the main menu.
Laboratory Plays in the Options Laboratory.
In the Pipe Plays in the Warp Pipe, which is where the game rules are set.

Unlocked after buying mini-games from Woody[edit]

Song title Description
Woody Plays when buying mini-games from Woody.
Mini-Game Park Plays in Mini-Game Park.
Mini-Game Stadium Plays in the Trial mode of Mini-Game Stadium.

Unlocked after beating Mini-Game Coaster on all three difficulty settings[edit]

Song title Description
Coaster Plays in World 1 of Mini-Game Coaster.
Coaster (Double Mix) Plays in World 2 of Mini-Game Coaster.
Coaster (Single Mix) Plays in World 3 of Mini-Game Coaster.
Coaster (Hip Hop Mix) Plays in World 4 of Mini-Game Coaster.
Coaster (Duo Mix) Plays in World 5 of Mini-Game Coaster.
Coaster (Hermit Mix) Plays in World 6 of Mini-Game Coaster.
Coaster (Speed Mix) Plays in World 7 of Mini-Game Coaster.
Coaster (Survival Mix) Plays in Worlds 8 and 9 of Mini-Game Coaster.

Unlocked after beating Bowser Land for the first time[edit]

Song title Description
Bowser Land Plays in Bowser Land.
Bowser Parade Plays during Bowser Land's Bowser Parade.
Credits Plays during the credits.