Rules Land

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Rules Land
Rules land.png
Appeared in Mario Party 2
Difficulty N/A
Availability Tutorial Only

Rules Land is a special board in Mario Party 2 that serves as a tutorial, as its name implies. It takes place in the sky on a ring-shaped cloud. The cloud has a rainbow bridge over its diameter, which is used to demonstrate choosing a direction when a player reaches such a path. It is the only map not to feature the Battle Goomba's barracks. The Koopa Bank and Item Shop are featured as hot air balloons. When selecting the board, it will skip through the pipe section and automatically chooses Mario, Peach, Luigi, and Wario. The game is scripted, so every character rolls a predetermined number. This is so Toad, the host, can explain the functions of each space and the possible types of minigames in which the players will participate when the turn is over. Right before the end of the tutorial, he explains bonus stars. He also explains the Bowser Bomb's effect on Baby Bowser without mentioning the item's name. Only the explanations for blue, red, Hidden Block, and star spaces are accompanied with their respective events. Minigames (including those from minigame spaces), Chance Time, Battle, Bowser, the Item Shop, the Koopa Bank, and Boo are all explained but not demonstrated, perhaps to save the viewer time.