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This article is about the board in Mario Party 2. For the final world of Super Mario 3D World and the final level of that world, see World Bowser and The Great Tower of Bowser Land.
Bowser Land
Bowser Land
Appears in Mario Party 2
Difficulty ☆☆☆
Availability Unlocked by playing on every other board once
Description "Bowser's very own theme park! Carelessness here leads to failure!"
Music sample
“Oi! We’re here! This is the fabled Bowser Land!!! Bowser, King of the Koopas, created this Adventure Board and all its fun -- yet frightening -- events! Aah! Bowser is truly, wonderfully great! Bowser is the true Super Star! Even if you collect a million stars, you’ll never defeat Bowser! Never, ever, EVER! But you can try if you like! Good luck finding your kidnapped buddy, Toad!”
Koopa Kid, Mario Party 2
Bowser Land
The Bowser Land logo

Bowser Land is the final board set in Mario Land in the game Mario Party 2. It is unlocked after the five other boards have been played. Once this board is unlocked, players cannot play on other boards until they play one game in Bowser Land, a trait it shares with Eternal Star from the first game; this is shown in-game in a cutscene in which Toad gets kidnapped and Baby Bowser takes his place hosting the game. It is an amusement park that was built in Bowser's image, with portraits of Bowser from all the other boards set up. Unlike the other boards of Mario Party 2, players wear their normal attire. The board differs from all previous boards in the game; the rules have changed.

The Happening Spaces on this board have a variety of effects. Landing on a Happening Space near a red pipe forces the player to enter it and reappear on another part of the board. The Happening Spaces near the metallic Bloober ride forces players to go on the "ride", where they are caught in a loop unless they can land on another Happening Space.

The banks on this board function differently from the other five boards. Instead of Koopa Banks, Bowser Banks appear. The Baby Bowser Banker will loan out five coins to players that pass the Bank Space. Players that land on the Bank Space must pay back the loan in full. If the player has zero coins, but at least one star, the Baby Bowser Banker will take the star. At the top-right part of the board, there is also an Item Shop run by the Baby Bowser Shopkeeper, who forces the players who pass by to buy a Mushroom, a Skeleton Key, a Warp Block, a Bowser Suit, or even a Bowser Bomb (the only way to obtain one outside of item minigames), each costing 12 coins, except for the Warp Block which costs 17. The item is purchased regardless of if the player does not have enough coins or if it is the last turn, unless the player already has an item. The main attraction in Bowser Land is the Bowser Parade that occurs every five turns. Anyone caught in the parade's path is pushed back to the start, dropping two coins per space along the way. Players who pass by the parade planning offices can change the direction of the parade for five coins. If no one is in the parade's path, it will not occur. The Item Minigame on this board is Bowser Slots. The player must match up the items they want, and they will get it if they prevail. The Duel minigame is Rock, Paper, Mario.

If the player uses a Bowser Suit and passes by the Bowser Parade Planning Office, the Baby Bowser will mistake the player for Bowser and allow him/her to change the route of the parade for free. Passing the Bowser Bank in the suit also grants the player 20 coins. Furthermore, passing the shop ran by the Baby Bowser Shopkeeper will grant the player with a Skeleton Key, a Golden Mushroom, a Boo Bell, or a Magic Lamp for free.

At the end of the game when Toad is about to announce the winner (even though Baby Bowser is the board's host), he is interrupted by a red Koopa Troopa who comes by and alerts the players that the villain of the board, Bowser, has changed his location, and they must act now if they want to defeat him. A cut-scene then shows a green Koopa Troopa wandering around the outskirts of Bowser Land, wondering where Bowser went. Bowser appears right behind the Koopa, about to do him harm, but the winner of the game then comes to confront him. Bowser attacks them with his fire breath, which they dodge easily. Bowser then dares the winner to throw him by the tail. Just as they grab his tail, Bowser uses his magic to turn into metal, making the winner unable to throw him. The winner then wallows in failure, when Toad and the other players come to help. Toad gives the winner a Star that powers them up. Metal Bowser dares the winner to try to throw him again, which they do, and this time they successfully send him flying around the world. Bowser crash lands behind the winner, his metal form shattered to pieces. The winner is then congratulated by Toad, the Koopa Troopa, and the Star.


The following table shows how many spaces there are on the board, and how many there are of a certain type.

Type of Space Number of Spaces
Blue Space
Blue Spaces
Red Space
Red Spaces
Happening Space
Happening Spaces
Battle Space
Battle Spaces
Chance Time Space
Chance Spaces
Item Space
Item Spaces
Bank Space
Bank Spaces
Bowser Space
Bowser Spaces
Total of Spaces 98


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパランド
Kuppa rando
Bowser Land

French Pays Bowser
Bowser Country
German Bowser-Land
Bowser Land
Italian Bowser Land
Bowser Land
Spanish Mundo de Bowser
Bowser's World


  • The mechanic used in this board where a special event involving Bowser happens every five turns would later be used for all Party Mode boards in Mario Party 7, known as Bowser Time.
  • This is the only board in Mario Party 2 with three Bank Spaces instead of two.
  • This is the only board in Mario Party 2 with two Item Shops: the Bowser Item Shop in the north, and a regular Item Shop in the south.