Bowser Bank

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The Bowser Bank

Bowser Banks are special banks found only on the Bowser Land board from Mario Party 2.

As opposed to a Koopa Bank, which is run by a Koopa Troopa and appears on all the other boards in Mario Party 2, a Bowser Bank works in an almost opposite manner, and is run by the Baby Bowser Banker. Whereas a Koopa Bank asks for every player who passes the Bank Space to deposit up to five coins, the Bowser Bank will loan five coins to each player who passes it, keeping a single tab of the number of coins that have been loaned out to the four players.

Should a player happen to land on the Bank Space, they must then pay back the total number of coins that have been loaned out. If the player doesn't have enough coins, the Baby Bowser Banker will settle for all of the player's coins. However, should a player have at least one Star and no coins at all, the Baby Bowser Banker will steal a Star. After someone lands on the Bank Space, the Baby Bowser Banker will restart the tab from zero coins, regardless of whether or not he was properly compensated by the player.