Bowser Bank

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Bowser Bank
The Bowser Bank

Bowser Banks are special banks found only on the Bowser Land board from Mario Party 2.


The Bowser Banks are run by a Koopa Kid named the Baby Bowser Banker. Unlike the Koopa Banks found on the other boards in the game, characters who pass this Bank Space are loaned five coins instead of depositing five. The Bowser Bank keeps a single tab of the number of coins that have been loaned out to the four players. If a player passes a Bowser Bank while in a Bowser Suit, the Baby Bowser Banker will mistake them for Bowser and give them twenty coins.

Also unlike Koopa Banks, if a player lands on the Bank Space, they must pay the total number of coins that the bank has loaned. If the player doesn't have enough coins, the Baby Bowser Banker takes all of the player's coins; however, if they have at least one Star and zero coins, the Baby Bowser Banker will steal the Star. After this, the tab will be reset.