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Airship Central
Board from Mario Party 10
Appears in Mario Party 10
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Airship Central is one of the five boards in Mario Party 10. It is a cloud themed board set in a sky with yellow clouds, has a giant beanstalk, and, as shown in the board's title, lots of airships. The unlockable vehicles for the board are the Antique Plane and the Banzai Bill Jet. The mid-boss of the board is Mega Monty Mole, and the final boss of the board is Kamek. This is one of the two boards that Bowser Party can't be played on, the other being Haunted Trail. The reason that this board can't be played in Bowser Party mode might be because in the ring where Team Mario originally fought the airship in Mario Party mode, in Bowser Party, Team Mario could catch up to Bowser, "accidentally" triggering a Bowser Minigame. Airship Central closely resembles Meringue Clouds from New Super Mario Bros. U, and Cloudtop Cruise from Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.


The player starts off on a cloud which leads onto some airships. The airships the players travel on during the first half of the board alternates between ships with Mini Stars and Mini Ztars on them every turn. Players will travel over various airships and clouds before reaching the fortress.

After the players pass the mini-boss tower, they will enter a storm cloud (similar to Cloudtop Cruise from Mario Kart 8), where they will be attacked by Bowser’s ship, which will shoot Bullet Bills to targeted spaces. If a player lands on a targeted space, they will lose half of their Mini Stars. After exiting the storm cloud, the players will find themselves on a ring with various spaces that fire cannonballs at Bowser's ship, and some Unlucky Spaces. If someone lands on an Unlucky Space, then they will lose half of their Mini Stars. Whoever lands a final attack on Bowser's ship will be rewarded with ten Mini Stars.

The rest of the board is on a cloud path away from the ring. A group of eight Mini Stars and a group of ten Mini Stars are found after the homestretch and before the final boss battle.


Type of Space Number of Spaces
Green Space from Mario Party 10
Green Spaces
Special Dice Block Space from Mario Party 10
Special Dice Block Spaces
Dash Space from Mario Party 10
Dash Spaces
Back Space from Mario Party 10
Back Spaces
Change Space from Mario Party 10
Change Spaces
MP10 SpaceSteal.png
Steal Spaces
Lucky Space from Mario Party 10
Lucky Spaces
Unlucky Space from Mario Party 10
Unlucky Spaces
Bowser Jr. Space from Mario Party 10
Bowser Jr. Spaces
6 (0 if Bowser is released)
Bowser Space from Mario Party 10
Bowser Spaces
0 (11 if Bowser is released)
Minigame Space from Mario Party 10
Minigame Spaces
Boss Battle Space / Gate Space from Mario Party 10
Boss Battle Spaces
Cannon Space from Mario Party 10
Cannon Spaces (×2)
Cannon Space from Mario Party 10
Cannon Spaces (×4)
Total 117

Mega Monty Mole boss battle[edit]

The name of this minigame is Mega Monty Mole's Maze Mischief. The players are on an airship, whilst Mega Monty Mole hovers in front of them inside of a hot air balloon. The characters will then enter a Warp Pipe and go to another section of the Airship; during this time, Mega Monty Mole will throw a bomb which will change the layout of the maze. The players must then traverse through the maze and reach the top of the airship first. The first one to do so will fire a cannon which does large damage to Mega Monty Mole; players who get there after the first one fire less damaging cannons. Halfway through the battle, after Mega Monty Mole shifts the layout of the maze, there will be bombs in it. If a bomb detonates near a player, then they will lose a point.

Kamek boss battle[edit]

Kamek's fight is Kamek's Rocket Rampage. In this minigame the players are all in small planes against Kamek, who is very big in this minigame. The players need to pop bubbles containing missiles to do damage to Kamek as well as giving players points, blue missiles give two points to him, whilst golden missiles give five. Kamek will try to summon Bullet Bills, if they hit a player then they will lose one point. Halfway through the fight, Kamek will start summoning Banzai Bills, which will take three points away from anyone that they hit. Amps will also appear during this phase and will deduct two points from anyone who touches them.

Official description[edit]

  • Flag of USA.png "Bowser's ship is ready to attack on this sky board!"
  • Flag of the United Kingdom "Bowser's Airship is ready to attack on this sky board!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウキウキエアプレーン
Ukiuki Eapurēn
Pleasant Airplane
Dutch Luchtschiphaven Airship Harbor
French (NOA) Flotte centrale Airship Central
French (NOE) Mouillage des nuages -
German Luftschiffhafen Airship Harbor
Italian Flotta dei cieli Fleet in the Skies
Portuguese Manobras Navais Naval Manoeuvres
Russian Воздушные корабли
Vozdushnye korabli
Spanish (NOA) Flotilla amenazante Threatening Fleet
Spanish (NOE) Maniobras navales Ship Maneuvers

Plain Plane[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プレーン

Antique Plane[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポンコツプレーン
Ponkotsu Purēn
Worn-Out Plane

Banzai Bill Jet[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マグナムキラープレーン
Magunamu Kirā Purēn
Banzai Bill Plane