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The parade begins.
“Thanks for waiting, everyone! Without further delay, the Bowser Parade shall begin!”
Baby Bowser, Mario Party 2

The Bowser Parade is a parade that occurs regularly in Bowser Land from Mario Party 2. It is led by Baby Bowser, and consists of several pyramid-shaped floats, which resemble enemies such as Goomba, Boo, and Thwomp. Rarely, the entire parade resembles a Wiggler.

The first Bowser Parade occurs at the start of the sixth turn, while consecutive parades take place every five turns afterwards, up until the end of the game. The Bowser Parade travels down a set path, which always starts at the central intersection at the north end of Bowser Land. Anyone caught in the parade's path will be sent back to the start, losing two coins for each space they pass on the way.

The parade chases Yoshi, Mario, and Peach.

The Bowser Parade's initial path just travels straight to the south end of the board, and then east towards the starting area. However, there are special parade offices at the intersections at the north, west, and east ends of the board, where players can pay Baby Bowser five coins to change the direction of the parade if they wish. If nobody appears to be in the Bowser Parade's path once the parade starts, Baby Bowser will cancel it.

The final Bowser Parade will occur at the start of the fifth last turn, since at that point, there will not be enough time to get another parade going. The parade planning offices will be closed after this point.


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