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In Mario Party 3, the player can listen to the game's music by using Toad's Music Box in Peach's Castle's Sound Room.


In-game title Description
Select File Plays on the file select screen.
Star Lift Plays in the Star Lift, which is where the game rules are set.
Rules Map Plays during the explanation of the rules.
Castle Grounds Plays in the grounds of Peach's Castle, the mode selection screen.
Inside the Castle Plays in the main hall and the Data Room in Peach's Castle.
Free-Play Room Plays in the Free-Play Room.
Chilly Waters Plays in Chilly Waters.
Deep Bloober Sea Plays in Deep Bloober Sea.
Spiny Desert Plays in Spiny Desert.
Woody Woods Plays in Woody Woods.
Creepy Cavern Plays in Creepy Cavern.
Good Luck Plays in the Duel boards in Party Mode.
The Winner is... Me Plays in the Duel boards in Story Mode.
The Adventure Begins Plays at the start of a board game, including when determining turn order.
Here's the Star Plays when showing the Star's location.
Commence Attack Plays when attacking the other player in Duel mode.
Bowser Event Plays when a player lands on a Bowser Space.
Still Going Plays before the last 5 turns.
The Adventure Ends Plays at the end of a board game: when awarding bonus Stars, announcing the winner, and during the final results.
Begin Mini-Game Plays on the mini-game explanation screen.
Start Battle Plays when commencing a Battle or Duel mini-game.
Mini-Game End 1 Plays on the mini-game results screen.
Mini-Game End 2 Plays on the results screen for Battle mini-games.
Mini-Game End 3 Plays on the results screen for Duel mini-games in Duel mode, as well as when announcing the winner(s) in the Battle Room.
Game Guy Winner Plays if the player wins a Game Guy mini-game. Also plays if the player reaches 1000 points in Game Guy's Room.
Game Guy Loser Plays if the player loses a Game Guy mini-game.
Aim Plays in the mini-games Chip Shot Challenge and Hand, Line and Sinker. As the name implies, these mini-games involve aiming.
Don't Hurry Plays in the mini-games Frigid Bridges, Log Jam, Pump, Pump and Away, River Raiders, Rockin' Raceway, Slot Synch, and Thwomp Pull. These mini-games are slow-paced.
Panic Plays in the mini-games Boulder Balls, Crazy Cogs, Tick Tock Hop, and Tidal Toss. These mini-games involve evasion.
Fighting Spirit Plays in the mini-games Baby Bowser Broadside, Bowser Toss, Coconut Conk, Puddle Paddle, Snowball Summit, and Vine with Me.
Got It? Plays in the mini-games Curtain Call, Crowd Cover, Messy Memory, Hide and Sneak, M.P.I.Q., Three Door Monty, and Picture Imperfect. These mini-games involve thinking or guessing.
Let's Get a Move On Plays in the mini-games Aces High, Dizzy Dinghies, Ridiculous Relay, and Water Whirled. These mini-games involve turbulence.
Looking Ahead Plays in the mini-games Awful Tower and Parasol Plummet. These mini-games involve the sky.
Big Trouble Plays in the mini-games Cheep Cheep Chase, End of the Line, Hyper Hydrants, and Merry-Go-Chomp. These mini-games involve dangerous situations.
What to Do?!? Plays in the mini-games All Fired Up, Eye Sore, Ice Rink Risk, Locked Out, Spotlight Swim, Stacked Deck, and Treadmill Grill. These mini-games are more intense.
Mustn't Panic Plays in the mini-games Baby Bowser Bonkers, Eatsa Pizza, Fowl Play, Pipe Cleaners, and Popgun Pick-Off.
Nice and Easy Plays in the mini-games Bounce 'n' Trounce, Cosmic Coaster, and Motor Rooter.
On Your Toes Plays in the mini-games Etch 'n' Catch, Mario's Puzzle Party (and its Pro variant), Picking Panic, Silly Screws, Slap Down, Storm Chasers, and Toadstool Titan.
Item Mini-Game Plays in the Item mini-games. In the PAL version, it also plays on the language select screen.
Game Guy Mini-Game Plays in the Game Guy mini-games.
Chance Time Plays during Chance Time.
Preparations Plays when setting the rules in Story Mode.
Prologue 1 Plays in the Story Mode intro, during the point where the Millennium Star is born.
Prologue 2 Plays in the Story Mode intro, during the point where the characters are interrupted by the Millennium Star.
Prologue 3 Plays in the Story Mode intro, after the characters are sucked into the toy box.
Victory Plays in every cutscene in Story Mode after winning a board.
Foolish Bowser Plays whenever Bowser appears in a cutscene in Story Mode.
Defeat... Plays if the player loses a board in Story Mode.
Genie's Theme Plays when the Mushroom Genie is summoned with a Magic Lamp.
Jeanie's Theme Plays when the Mushroom Jeanie is summoned with a Lucky Lamp.
Game Guy Dance Plays when spinning the roulette in Game Guy's Roulette.
Mushroom Power-Up Plays when a player is under the effect of a Mushroom in Toadstool Titan.


In-game title Description Unlock criteria
Battle Room Plays in the Battle Room. Unlock at least 3 4-player, 1 vs. 3, 2 vs. 2, Battle, and Duel mini-games.
Game Guy's Room Plays in Game Guy's Room. Beat Story Mode as a Miracle Star (with at least 8 "S" ranks).
Waluigi's Island Plays in Waluigi's Island. Beat Story Mode.
The Winner is... Me Plays in Backtrack in Story Mode.
Stardust Battle Plays in Stardust Battle.
Heeeere's Waluigi Plays in the Story Mode cutscene where Waluigi steals the Mischief Star Stamp.
Vs. Millennium Star Plays in the Story Mode cutscene where the Millennium Star challenges the player to Stardust Battle.
The End Plays in the Story Mode ending.
Staff Credits Plays during the credits.