Slot Synch

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Slot Synch
MP3 Slot Synch.png
Appears in Mario Party 3
Type 2-vs-2 mini-game
Time limit 30 seconds
Music track Don't Hurry
Music sample

Slot Synch is a 2-vs-2 minigame in Mario Party 3.


The players on each team attempt to match both of their blocks to get points by hitting the block to stop it on a character to match it together. A Goomba is worth one point, a Koopa Troopa is worth two points, Toad is worth three points, and Baby Bowser is worth −1 point unless the team has no points to subtract. The team that has more points at the end of the minigame wins. If both teams have the same number of points when the time runs out, the minigame ends in a draw.

On the board showing the points for each character, the Goomba and Baby Bowser are listed as being worth "1 pts" and "−1 pts," respectively, when the correct way of writing these is "1 pt" and "−1 pt." If a partner is a computer AI player, they always match a human's result.


  • A Button – Hit block

In-game text[edit]

  • Game Rules"Pair up to hit character blocks. Try to hit the same character as your partner did."
  • Advice"Be careful! If you get Baby Bowser, you'll lose one point."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese そろえて!キャラクター
Soroete! Kyarakutā
Sort Characters!

French Blocs Synchro
German Synchronsprung
Synchronize Jump
Spanish Sincronización