Dizzy Dinghies

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Dizzy Dinghies
MP3 Dizzy Dinghies.png
Appears in Mario Party 3
Type Rare mini-game
Initial record 1'00"00 (all courses)
Music track Let's Get a Move On
Music sample

Dizzy Dinghies is a Rare minigame in Mario Party 3. It can be unlocked by having all 4-Player, 1-vs-3, 2-vs-2, Battle, Item, and Duel minigames (64 in total) unlocked.


In this minigame, the solo player picks a vehicle to drive and navigates through one of three available courses to try to get the fastest time. Hitting the wall by missing turns or steering too close to it slows the player down. Some of the courses have barely any turns, while others have multiple twists. The type of vehicle the player picks also affects how they play, beneficially or otherwise.


  • Course 1 – Grassland-themed; it does not have many turns. Toads, Goombas, and Koopas reside here.
  • Course 2 – Mountain/ice-themed; there are three major turns. Whomps and Bob-omb Buddies can be seen here.
  • Course 3 – Water-themed; there are many turns and zigzags to follow. This course has a vast number of Cheep Cheeps and Sushi.


  • "Speed Type" – Great speed but lacks traction.
  • "Non-Slip Type" – Great for turns but not very fast.
  • "Normal Type" – Moderate speed and grip on track.


  • Control Stick – Steer
  • A Button – Race

In-game text[edit]

  • Mini-Game Room description"Set your sights on a new motorboat speed record."
  • Game Rules"Choose 1 of 3 boat types, then try to set a new course record."
  • Advice"Each boat has different performance capabilities. How about trying different boats on different courses?"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ぐるぐるタイムアタック
Guruguru Taimu Atakku
Turning Time Attack (guruguru is an onomatopoeia for turning/twisting/etc.)
French Canots Craignos Useless Dinghies
German Wasser-Wuselei Water Bustle
Spanish Ríos Acelerados Accelerated Rivers