End of the Line

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End of the Line
Appears in Mario Party 3 (2000)
Type Duel minigame
Info In-game Text
Game Rules
Tumble: "In order to get Steamer to the station, choose between the pairs of tunnels."
Goomba: "Climb aboard Steamer, then pick the right tunnel! If you pick the wrong tunnel, you'll fly off a cliff!"
Tumble: "If you remember which were the incorrect tunnels, you'll be able to proceed smoothly if you start over."
Goomba: "Even if you choose the wrong tunnel, you'll just start over. Don't forget which was the wrong one!"
Controls Control Stick left: Select left path
Control Stick right: Select right path
Music Big Trouble

End of the Line is a duel minigame found in the Nintendo 64 game, Mario Party 3. Its name comes from the old saying, "the end of the line".


Somewhere in a desert, the players are standing on a railroad track and are startled when they turn around and see Steamer coming towards them, whistling. With no time for the players to react, Steamer then runs over them knocking them onto a moving platform behind him. The minigame then begins.


The minigame begins with Steamer running into the players and bringing them onto its tender. They must navigate it back to the station. They are given a choice of two tunnels at a set of points to enter, and an incorrect tunnel drops the player off a cliff and they return to the start of the course. The first player to choose the correct tunnel at each of three junctions and arrive at the station with Steamer wins.

If both players arrive at the station at the same time, or if five minutes pass, the minigame will end in a draw.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ぼうそう!? シュッポー
Bōsō!? Shuppō
Running Wildly!? Steamer
Spanish Fin del Camino Literal translation
French Cul-de-sac Dead End
German Endstation Literal translation