Bob-omb Orb

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Bob-omb Orb from Mario Party 6
A Bob-omb Orb from Mario Party 6

A Bob-omb Orb (originally called a Bob-omb Capsule) is an Orb in Mario Party 5, Mario Party 6, and Mario Party 7.


Mario Party 5[edit]

In Mario Party 5, a Bob-omb Capsule can be thrown onto a space on the board, or used on the player for free. Its effect is activated when a player passes (or lands on) the space containing the capsule three times. On the third, a Bob-omb lands in the player's arms and explodes, causing them to lose 20 coins. If another player is standing on the space, they lose 20 coins, too.

Mario Party 6[edit]

In Mario Party 6, players can place a Bob-omb Orb on a space only as a roadblock. Opponents that pass a space containing the Orb cause a Bob-omb to explode on them, cutting the remaining number of spaces they can go in half rounded up; if the player is under the effect of a Metal Mushroom Orb, they simply kick away the Bob-omb.

Mario Party 7[edit]

In Mario Party 7, Bob-omb Orbs can be found only on Pagoda Peak. Opponents that pass a space containing a Bob-omb Orb make a Bob-omb blow up on them, sending them down to a lower part of the board.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボムへいカプセル
Bomuhei kapuseru
Bob-omb Capsule

French Capsule Bob-omb
Bob-omb Capsule
German Bob-Omb-Kapsel
Bob-omb Capsule
Italian Pallina Bob-omba
Bob-omb Ball
Spanish (NOE) Cápsula Bob-omb
Bob-omb Capsule