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The Duty-Free Shop

The Duty-Free Shop is an area on the cruise ship in Mario Party 7. Here, the player can look at records, collectible figurines, sound effects that the player has collected with Cruise Mileage Points. There is a computer that is used to purchase figurines, sound effects, characters, and minigames, as well as a Travel Diary, which holds game information. The name "Duty-Free Shop" is probably referencing how shops on most cruise ships are duty-free, meaning they are exempt from certain taxes. The shop is hosted by Toadsworth.

List of purchasable items[edit]


  • Birdo
  • Dry Bones
  • Brutal Difficulty
  • King of the River
  • Stunning Background (this can not be purchased until the player has cleared Solo Cruise.)
  • Staff Records
  • Ice Moves
  • Stick and Spin
  • Annoy Mode
  • Map Sounds
  • Tour Sounds
  • Character/Announcer Voices
  • Cruise Mileage Secret 1 ("Did you know? If you play minigames outside of the boards, you get 10 mileage points each time!")
  • Cruise Mileage Secret 2 ("Did you know? If you beat the CPU in the Solo Cruise, you get an extra 500 mileage points!")
  • Aquarium Secret ("Did you know? Something fun will happen if you say 'Goomba' while playing Be My Chum!")
  • Orb Shop Secret ("Did you know? You'll pay less at Orb Shops when you're behind!")
  • Team Secret ("Did you know? When on a Party Cruise team, you might get a Star in coin-earning events!")
  • Souvenir Secret ("Did you know? When viewing souvenirs, say the colored words into the Mic! Surprise!")


  • Cheep Cheep Fountain
  • Blooper Fortune Teller
  • Grand Canal Cookies
  • Gong Clock
  • Kung Fu Koopa T-Shirt
  • Sticky Buns
  • Pyramid Piggy Bank
  • Ancient Jar
  • Desert Chocolate
  • Model Rocket
  • Mysterious Flying Disc
  • Top Hat Chocolate
  • Model Windmill
  • Fuzzy Sheep
  • Windy Cheese
  • Bowser's Crazy Torch
  • Bowser's Killer Cannon
  • Bowser's Boiled Eggs
  • Singing Shy Guy
  • Kung Fu Koopa
  • Desert Goomba
  • Top Hat Shy Guy
  • Koopa Shepherdess
  • Steel Goomba
  • MSS Sea Star (unlocked after every board in Party Cruise is played once)
  • Free Play Sub (unlocked after every minigame is unlocked)
  • Chop Chop Helicopter (unlocked after Deluxe Cruise is played five times)
  • Golden Chest (obtained after the easy course of King of the River is completed)
  • Magic Lamp (obtained after the normal course of King of the River is completed)
  • Power Star Statue (obtained after the hard course of King of the River is completed)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ツアーコレクション
Tsuā korekushon
Tour Collection