Cruise Mileage Point

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Cruise Mileage Points

Cruise Mileage Points are a type of currency that appear in Mario Party 7. The player can spend these points at the Duty-Free Shop to buy minigames, figures, characters, and extra features for the game. Cruise Mileage Points can be earned by doing various things, such as playing minigames, completing King of the River in Minigame Cruise, or even by having a regular party. The amount of points earned is as follows:

  • Party Cruise: 1 point per space the players moved
  • Solo Cruise: 1 point per space the players moved, 500 points if the player wins the game against CPU
  • Deluxe Cruise and Minigame Cruise: 10 points for every minigame played
  • King of the River: 50 points for every minigame won, 50 points for every minigame won during the longest streak, 50 points for every remaining lives, 300 points for every Bonus Medal

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ツアーマイレージポイント
Tsuā mairēji pointo
Tour Mileage Point