Tweester Orb

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The Tweester Capsule first appears in Mario Party 5, where it can be thrown to a space on the board, or used on the player for fifteen coins. Its effect is making Tweester appear on the Star Space and move it to another location on the board. It serves the same purpose as the Chomp Call from Mario Party 4.

In Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 7, it is an Orb (called the Tweester Orb) that players can only place on a space as a roadblock trap (it costs five coins at the Orb Shop). Opponents that pass a space containing the Orb make Tweester appear to blow them away to another part of the board. If a player is under the effect of the Metal Mushroom Orb, the Tweester still tries to blow away that player, but it dissipates shortly after with no effect.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese つむじくんカプセル
Tsumuji-kun kapuseru
Tweester Capsule
French Capsule Eol Tweester Capsule
Spanish Cápsula Tornadino Tweester Capsule