Capsule Space

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Capsule Space
Movement Capsule Space sprite from Mario Party 5
Purpose Various
First appearance Mario Party 5

Capsule Spaces are spaces used in Mario Party 5. They can only be created by players throwing their Capsules on a Blue Space or a Red Space ahead of them. Whoever lands on spaces containing a Capsule activates its effect, regardless of who placed it there to begin with. Capsule Spaces remain on the board permanently until someone else places another one in its place. There are many types of Capsule Spaces:

  • For movement: These are made by green Capsules including ones that make Mushroom Spaces. They take players to another part of the board.
  • For coins: These are made by yellow Capsules that either give coins to players or take them away. These also include Bob-omb and the Koopa Bank.
  • For Capsules: These are made by red Capsules that are designed to take away, or shuffle around players' Capsules.
  • For other purposes: These are made by blue Capsules that activates miscellaneous events, like Chance Time, dueling with another player, calling on Chain Chomp, or even changing the location of the Star.

One of the options for the Last Five Turns Event causes every Red and Blue Space to become a Capsule Space (existing Capsule Spaces get overridden).

In Mario Party 6, Capsule Spaces are essentially succeeded by Character Spaces.




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カプセルマス
Kapuseru masu
Capsule Space

Italian Eventi Pallina
Capsule Event