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Super Duel Mode

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The stats for an assembled machine.

Super Duel Mode is a side game mode in Mario Party 5, hosted by Skolar. It is a one-on-one battle mode in which two players face off against each other using custom-assembled vehicles (called "machines"). In this mode, one buys machine parts using points received by playing minigames in either Party or Mini-Game Mode and builds a battle machine to use in different tournaments or against friends. There are a total of 44 different parts that can be used to customize a machine. To unlock all the different parts, one must play all the tournaments and beat certain opponents.

Garage areas[edit]

The following areas are available in Super Duel Mode's initial segment, the Garage.

Area Description
Service Desk
In this area, players can buy vehicle parts from Skolar. Whenever players play minigames prior to talking to Skolar in the Service Desk, Skolar keeps track of the number of minigames played and converts it to points. Players can also participate in trial battles, where players with a randomly generated vehicle and characters based off what is unlocked is pitted against a computer-controlled Koopa Kid. If a second controller is plugged to the second player slot, the Koopa Kid is replaced with player two, who is also randomly generated.
Garage A-1
This garage is owned by player one. In this garage, player one can build a machine from scratch when first accessed. After the machine is built and given a name, player one can make any modification to it. Player one can also inspect the machine's stats, pit the machine against other machines either in a Vs. Match or D1 Tournament, or even delete the machine.
Garage A-2
This garage is owned by player two. This garage behaves identically to player one's garage, except it is controlled by player two.
Garage B
This is a garage for friends. It is controlled by player three. In this garage, players can download machine data from the memory card in slot B.
Garage Gallery
Photos of winning machines in D1 Tournament mode are stored here. They can be viewed in a 3D perspective and adjusted using the buttons of the GameCube controller.
Garage Door
This lets the player exit Super Duel Mode.

Playable characters[edit]

Playable characters do not have any noticeable differences except for the color on their steering wheel. Note: * indicates characters that are not available as playable, random characters in trial battles. If there is only one player who participates, however, the AI-controlled Koopa Kid is always the opponent.


Unlock criteria[edit]

Donkey Kong Defeat Donkey Kong in Hard Competition.

Machine parts[edit]

A few machine parts have unique properties not stated in the in-game description.

  • Although the Skolar Body takes mostly the same amount of damage from machine attacks as any other body, the Skolar Body receives less damage from stage hazards.
  • Both Wiggler and Super Wiggler Tires allow the machine to rotate in place if the machine is stationary.
  • Spiny Tires do not slide on slippery terrain compared to other grounded tires.
  • The E. Gadd Jet and Lakitu Cloud hover slightly above the ground, meaning that hazardous terrain such as lava cannot damage the machine.

There are five symbols that indicate different aspects of the machine's ability:

  • Red Heart: Health
  • Green Steering Wheel: Handling
  • White Boxing Glove: Power
  • Blue Vehicle Icon: Maximum Speed
  • Yellow Vehicle Icon: Acceleration

Body Types[edit]

These body types deal mostly with health units on a machine, although they can also modify speed.

Name Image Description Cost (4 Player Minigame Points)
Mushroom Body Mushroom body.png A standard body with standard abilities. 0
Star Body Star body.png A speedy body that's light and inexpensive. 5
Heart Body Heart body.png A cute, heart-shaped body that's very durable. 5
Choo-Choo Body Choochoo body.png An engine built for speed that's quite strong and durable. 5
Egg Body Egg body.png A body made of shells from Yoshi's eggs with increased defensive and offensive abilities. 7
Spiny Body Spiny body.png A slow, spine-covered body that increases offensive abilities. 7
Lakitu Cloud Body Cloud body.png A fast body made of clouds with poor defensive abilities. 10
Boo Body Boo body.png A fast body with low defensive abilities that's visible only to radar. 10
DK Body Dk body.png A slow body made of barrels that increases defensive and offensive abilities. 15
E. Gadd Body Egadd body.png A hi-tech body that's very high-balanced, designed by the professor. 15
Skolar Body Skolar body.png A body with mostly average abilities that takes less damage from bombs and vehicle attacks. 20


Tires can modify speed, acceleration, and handling.

Name Image Description Cost (1-Vs-3 Minigame Points)
Mushroom Tires Mushroom tires.png Normal tires that are great for learning. 0
Star Tires Star tires.png Fast tires with poor control. 5
Wiggler Tires Wiggler tires.png Very slow tires with good control. 5
Goomba Tires Goomba tires.png Quick tires with very quick acceleration. 5
Spiny Tires Spiny tires.png Slower tires with great traction and decent acceleration. 7
Choo-Choo Tires Choochoo tires.png Superfast tires with super poor control. 7
Super Wiggler Tires Superwiggler tires.png Very slow tires with great traction. 10
Lakitu Cloud Lakitu cloud.png A cloud that hovers. It's very efficient on all terrain. 10
DK Tires Dk tires.png Tires made of barrels. They handle differently with each battle. 15
E. Gadd Jet Egadd jet.png A hi-tech jet with perfect speed and handling designed by the professor. 15
Skolar Tires Skolar tires.png Tires handmade by Skolar that are simple and balanced, even on slick surfaces. 20


Engines shape largely how fast machines move and how well they handle. Engines are not visible during battle; however, a machine's running sound can differ when different engines are used with it.

Name Image Description Cost (2-Vs.-2 Minigame Points)
Mushroom Engine Mushroom engine.png A normal engine that's great for learning. 0
Star Engine Star engine.png A speedy engine with poor control. 5
Wiggler Engine Wiggler engine.png An engine that's not very fast but is easy to control. 5
Goomba Engine Goomba engine.png An engine that's a little speedy and has decent acceleration. 5
Ztar Engine Ztar engine.png A slow engine that's easy to control and has excellent acceleration. 7
Choo-Choo Engine Choochoo engine.png A superfast engine with super poor control. 7
Super Wiggler Engine Superwiggler engine.png An easy-to-handle engine that's slow. 10
Goomba-Trio Engine Goombatrio engine.png An engine with great acceleration, some extra power, and really poor control. 10
DK Engine Dk engine.png An odd, banana-shaped engine that performs differently with each battle. 15
E. Gadd Engine Egadd engine.png A hi-tech engine with great speed and control, designed by the professor. 15
Skolar Engine Skolar engine.png An engine with well-balanced speed and control, handmade by Skolar. 20


Weapons modify mainly the machine's attack stat. All weapons also have weight; heavier guns lower the machine's speed more than lighter guns.

Name Image Description Cost (Battle Game Points)
Mushroom Gun Mushroom gun.png A normal gun that's good to learn with. 0
Seed Machine Gun Seed gun.png A lightweight watermelon-shaped gun with weak rapid-fire abilities. 5
Bob-omb Cannon Bobomb cannon.png A time-delayed, Bob-omb-firing cannon that's powerful and heavy. 5
Bullet Bill Gun Bulletbill gun.png A gun with average firepower that shoots opponent-seeking Bullet Bills. 7
Pokey Tower Gun Pokey gun.png A gun with two diagonally-moving bullets and average firepower. 7
Piranha Plant Piranha gun.png A powerful and far-reaching gun with bullets fired from a Piranha Plant. 7
Bowser Breath Bowser gun.png An effective Bowser-shaped flamethrower with a short range 10
Mr. I Laser Eye gun.png A lightweight laser with average firepower that's fired from his eye. 10
DK Gun Dk gun.png A banana-shaped gun that's very heavy and the most powerful of all. 15
E. Gadd Cannon Egadd cannon.png A well-balanced cannon, designed by the professor, with opponent-seeking missiles. 15
Skolar Gun Skolar gun.png A good overall weapon, handmade by Skolar. Press the button to shoot and release it to detonate. 20
Bowser Punch Bowser punch.png A very effective prototype that fires short-ranged Bowser punches! 30
Bob-omb Wall Bobomb wall.png A specialty weapon that drops a wall of bombs and increases speed. 30

Unlock criteria[edit]

DK Body, Tires, Engine, Gun Unlock Donkey Kong as a playable character
Skolar Body, Tires, Engine, Gun Beat every Duel Mode on every difficulty
Bowser Punch Purchase every Machine Part
Bob-omb Wall Purchase every Machine Part


After the machine has been assembled player will be taken to Garage A-1 where players give it a name. After this, there are various options to improve the machine:

Icon Effect
WrenchMP5.png Trade the parts of the machine
EyeMP5.png See the details of the machine
BattleMP5.png Start a duel with another person or CPU
TrashCanMP5.png Throw away the selected machine

Super Duel battles[edit]

The player can choose the battle from the garage menu, but only Battle Competition on easy and normal are available at the start. If the player loses any game, the tournament ends and the player receives no trophies. On easy mode, the player faces mostly Koopa Kids and few other characters. In normal mode, there are more unique characters and less Koopa Kids. In hard mode, Koopa Kids are absent and Bowser and Donkey Kong appear in the competition.

In all competitions, there are obstacles, such as stationary Spiny Shells or Bob-ombs that detonate within a certain amount of time or upon contact. The size of a Bob-omb mirrors the damage it can do. Warp Pipes simply block machines. Mushrooms occasionally appear along the course and grant the machine better speed and control for a certain amount of time when collided with, as well as Poison Mushrooms, which hinder speed and control.

Terrain can vary in an arena called Random Ruckus. Dirt and grass are present and do no special effects. Metal and ice make the machines harder to control. Lava damages and pushes away the machine. Mud makes vehicles slower. However, if a machine is equipped with Lakitu Cloud or E. Gadd Jet tires, the machine does not get affected by any sort of terrain while Spiny Tires negate sliding.


Battle Competition[edit]

Icon Description Screenshot
BattleCompetition.png The goal of this 90 second game is to eliminate the opponent. If the timer runs out before a player is eliminated, the player having more health left wins. The player must fire the weapon with B Button at the other player and keep moving to avoid opposing attacks and obstacles. BattleCompetitionMP5.png

Flag Competition[edit]

Icon Description Screenshot
FlagCompetition.png In this game, the object is to collect three flags before the opposing player does. This game's time limit is also 90 seconds; the game ends if nobody collects three flags. Although hitting the opposing player immobilizes him or her momentarily, attacking the opposing member is not the goal of the game. FlagSuperDuelMP5.png

Robo-Rabbit Competition[edit]

Icon Description Screenshot
RoboRabbitCompetition.png The goal in this competition is to wipe out three Robo-Rabbits before the opposing player does within the time limit of 90 seconds. Again, the player can shoot and stun the opposing member. The Robo-Rabbits are fast, move erratically, and can tunnel underground. RoboRabbitCompetitionMP5.png

Unlock criteria[edit]

Hard Difficulty Win Battle Competition on Easy and Normal difficulty
Flag Competition Win Battle Competition on Hard difficulty
Robo-Rabbit Competition Win Flag Competition on Hard difficulty

CPU opponents and machines[edit]

All the CPU opponents also have nicknames for the final battle in a tournament.

Last Hero Mario
Mario Mugshot Party 5.png
Perfect Luigi
Beautiful Peach
Peachishots Party 5.png
Pretty Woman Daisy
Daisy mugshots Party 5.png
Super Dash
Super Dash 5.png
Mario's prize machine. Well-balanced, like our hero!
Lil' Bro Speed
Lil' Bro Speed.png
Luigi's machine. It's fast. Green means go!
Shiny Tiara
Shiny Tiara 5.png
Peach's polished machine. Its speed is simply...regal!
Cute 'n' Astute
Cute 'n' Astute 5.png
Daisy's machine. Fast, it's no pansy!
Body Type: Choo-Choo Body
Tires: Star Tires
Engine: Goomba-Trio Engine
Weapon: E. Gadd Cannon
Body Type: Lakitu Cloud Body
Tires: E. Gadd Jet
Engine: Goomba Engine
Weapon: Seed Machine Gun
Body Type: E. Gadd Body
Tires: Lakitu Cloud
Engine: Choo-Choo Engine
Weapon: Bullet Bill Gun
Body Type: Star Body
Tires: Wiggler Tires
Engine: Goomba Engine
Weapon: Bullet Bill Gun
Mr. Lucky Yoshi
Wild Man Wario
Dark Rider Waluigi
MP5 Waluigi Unbordered Mugshot Sprite.png
Samurai Toad
Egg-celeration 5.png
Yoshi's machine. Tricky, it shells out damage!
Greedy Mustache
Greedy Mustache 5.png
Wario's ultimate machine. Intimidating, like Wario's belly!
Superdupe Coupe
Superdupe Coupe 5.png
Waluigi's machine. It's the super duper attacker!
Toadster Toaster
Toadster Toaster 5.png
Toad's machine. Decent, but only if it were a roadster...
Body Type: Egg Body
Tires: Star Tires
Engine: Wiggler Engine
Weapon: Pokey Tower Gun
Body Type: Heart Body
Tires: Super Wiggler Tires
Engine: Choo-Choo Engine
Weapon: Piranha Plant
Body Type: Spiny Body
Tires: Star Tires
Engine: Goomba Engine
Weapon: Bob-omb Cannon
Body Type: Mushroom Body
Tires: Mushroom Tires
Engine: Mushroom Engine
Weapon: Mushroom Gun
Nightmare Boo
BOO Shot Party 5.png
Bad Boy Koopa Kid
Koopa Kidshot Party 5.png
The Beast Donkey Kong
Donkey Shot Party 5.png
Tie-Land Bowser
Bowser Shot Party 5.png
Sheer Sideswipe
Sheer Sideswipe 5.png
Boo's machine. Visible only to the radar. Peek-a-Boo...
Minion Mobile
Minion Mobile 5.png
The Koopa Kid's machine. Tough, but there's a minion on board!
Banana Bot
Banana Bot 5.png
Donkey Kong's machine. It's a one-shot, one-kill monster!
Bowser Dozer
Bowser Dozer 5.png
Bowser's machine. Get too close and you're toast!
Body Type: Boo Body
Tires: Choo-Choo Tires
Engine: Ztar Engine
Weapon: Mr. I Laser
Body Type: Star Body
Tires: Wiggler Tires
Engine: Super Wiggler Engine
Weapon: Seed Machine Gun
Body Type: DK Body
Tires: DK Tires
Engine: DK Engine
Weapon: DK Gun
Body Type: Heart Body
Tires: Spiny Tires
Engine: E.Gadd Engine
Weapon: Bowser Breath


These arenas are playable only in Vs. matches. In D1 Tournament, the arena is always a variation of Random Ruckus. There are a total of eight arenas to battle in.

Icon and Name In-Game Screenshot In-Game Description
Green Meadow
GreenMeadowDuel.png Battle in a big field under blue skies!
Moonlit Midnight
MoonlitMidnightDuel.png Battle in a big pond under a starlit sky!
Quicksand Desert
QuicksandDesertDuel.png Battle in sand within a limited area!
Snowy Slope
SnowySlopeDuel.png Battle on slippery ice surfaces during a raging snow storm!
Jungle Falls
JungleFallsDuel.png Battle on a suspension bridge with a bamboo backdrop!
Lunar Outpost
LunarOutpostDuel.png Battle in a big bowl-shaped crater on the surface of the moon!
Bowser Stadium
BowserStadiumDuel.png Battle on a stage surrounded by dangerous hot magma!
Random Ruckus
RandomRuckusDuel.png Battle in a new environment with each battle!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーデュエルモード
Sūpā Dyueru Mōdo
Super Duel Mode

Garage areas[edit]

Service Desk[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ガレージカウンター
Garēji Kauntā
Garage Counter

Garage A-1[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ガレージA-1
Garēji A-1
Garage A-1

Body Types[edit]

Mushroom Body[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノコボディ
Kinoko Bodi
Mushroom Body

Star Body[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スターボディ
Sutā Bodi
Star Body

Heart Body[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハートボディ
Hāto Bodi
Heart Body

Choo-Choo Body[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シュッポーボディ
Shuppō Bodi
Choo-Choo Body; from 「しゅっぽ」 shuppo, a Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound a train makes.

Egg Body[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タマゴボディ
Tamago Bodi
Egg Body

Spiny Body[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トゲゾーボディ
Togezō Bodi
Spiny Body

Lakitu Cloud Body[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジュゲムボディ
Jugemu Bodi
Lakitu Body

Boo Body[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ステレサボディ
Suteresa Bodi
Stalth-Boo Body; a portmanteau of 「ステルス」 sutresu, "stealth" and 「テレサ」 Teresa, the Japanese name for Boo.


Mushroom Tires[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノコタイヤ
Kinoko Taiya
Mushroom Tire

Star Tires[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スタータイヤ
Sutā Taiya
Star Tire

Wiggler Tires[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハナチャンタイヤ
Hanachan Taiya
Wiggler Tire

Goomba Tires[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クリボータイヤ
Kuribō Taiya
Goomba Tire

Spiny Tires[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トゲゾータイヤ
Togezō Taiya
Spiny Tire

Choo-Choo Tires[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シュッポータイヤ
Shuppō Taiya
Choo-Choo Tire; from 「しゅっぽ」 shuppo, a Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound a train makes.

Super Wiggler Tires[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーハナチャンタイヤ
Sūpā Hanachan Taiya
Super Wiggler Tire

Lakitu Cloud[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジュゲムホバー
Jugemu Hobā
Lakitu Hover

DK Tires[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese DKタイヤ
DK Taiya
DK Tire