Bowser's Battle Yacht

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Bowser's Battle Yacht from Mario Party 6
Bowser's Battle Yacht
“Made it to my Battle Yacht, eh? Just for your trouble, you get a Shadow Star! Gwahah!”
Bowser, Mario Party 6

Bowser's Battle Yacht is a yacht that belongs to Bowser in Mario Party 6. He rides it around Castaway Bay. If a character lands on it, Bowser gives the character a Shadow Star, forcing them to lose a Star or coins. After forcibly giving a player a Shadow Star, he shoots them out of the yacht's cannon onto the Start Space.

Landing on a ? Space makes Bowser's Battle Yacht exchange locations with DK's Riverboat. In addition, if the player take the raft ride in the northern part of the board while Bowser's Yacht is facing it, Bowser fire threes cannonballs at the player. If the player gets hit, they lose five coins and their turn immediately ends.