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This is a gallery of images for the game Mario Party 7.



Main pictures[edit]

Team pictures[edit]

Solo pictures[edit]

Artwork marked with an asterisk (*) were previously used in Mario Party 6.

Other materials[edit]



Sprites and models[edit]


Character's turn start[edit]

Character's turn start (Japanese)[edit]

Winning and losing portraits[edit]

In-game models[edit]

Data-rendered models[edit]

Board selection markers[edit]

Place markers[edit]

Game mode logos[edit]

Main menu game modes[edit]

Main menu previews[edit]

Party Cruise[edit]

Solo Cruise[edit]

Deluxe Cruise[edit]

Minigame Cruise[edit]

Duty-Free Shop[edit]

Control Room[edit]

Main menu cruise stars[edit]

Board selection panels[edit]

Board icons[edit]

Board icons (Japanese)[edit]

Party Cruise logos[edit]

Board results logos[edit]

DK and Bowser event logos[edit]

Tutorial icons[edit]

Deluxe Cruise[edit]

Deluxe Cruise panels[edit]

Deluxe Cruise logos[edit]

Minigame Cruise[edit]

Minigame Cruise panels[edit]

Minigame Cruise logos[edit]

Volocano Peril minigame victory panels[edit]

Volcano Peril minigame type panels[edit]

Decathlon Castle minigame icons[edit]

Battle Minigame event panels[edit]

Dialogue portraits[edit]



Box art[edit]