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This is a gallery of images for the comic book series Super Mario-kun.





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Volume 1[edit]

Volume 2[edit]

Volume 3[edit]

Volume 4[edit]

Volume 5[edit]

Volume 6[edit]

Volume 7[edit]

Volume 8[edit]

Volume 9[edit]

Volume 10[edit]

Volume 11[edit]

Volume 13[edit]

Volume 14[edit]

Volume 15[edit]

Volume 16[edit]

Volume 17[edit]

Volume 18[edit]

Volume 19[edit]

Volume 23[edit]

Volume 25[edit]

Volume 26[edit]

Volume 27[edit]

Volume 28[edit]

Volume 30[edit]

Volume 31[edit]

Volume 34[edit]

Volume 35[edit]

Volume 36[edit]

Volume 37[edit]

Volume 38[edit]

Volume 40[edit]

Volume 42[edit]

Volume 44[edit]

Volume 45[edit]

Volume 46[edit]

Volume 47[edit]

Volume 48[edit]

Volume 50[edit]

Volume 54[edit]

Volume 57[edit]

Other Volumes[edit]

French translation[edit]

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