Hybrid power-up

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Hybrid power-up
The Power-Up mess
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 1 (1991)
Effect Unknown; inability to use the mixed power-ups
“ほら みろ!ぐちゃ ぐちゃに なっちゃった。 (Look! It's a mess!)
あれじゃ 使いものに なりませんね。(It's useless now.)”
Luigi and Yoshi, Super Mario-kun

The hybrid power-up is an item that appears only in one chapter of Super Mario-kun volume 1. It consists of a Super Mushroom, Cape Feather, Fire Flower, and Super Star.

While running through an athletic level, Mario attempts to skip it by flying with the cape. Luigi stops him, since neither he nor Yoshi can fly like him. They find a Roulette Block, from which they can receive a power-up by asking for it while hitting it: Luigi hits it asking for a Cape Feather, but Mario hits it as well asking for a Super Star, and Yoshi asks for everything. Luigi yells at them, and the Roulette Block, stressed out, produces a power-up hybrid that Luigi and Yoshi deem useless.

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