Pretty Kinoko

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Pretty Kinoko
Pretty Kinoko in its natural form
First appearance Super Mario-kun Volume 6 (1993)
Effect Turning transformed people back to normal
Pretty Kinoko in its evil form
The Pretty Kinoko in its evil form.

The Pretty Kinoko is a special mushroom whose research concludes the Super Mario World arc in Super Mario-kun. It is a normal mushroom with a cute face, big lips, and red cheeks. Its cap is rugged and has black spots.

Bowser starts to look for the Pretty Kinoko after Peach is turned into a hot baked potato after eating some poisoned food that was meant for Mario, as only the mushroom can turn her back to normal. During his search, Bowser comes across Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi and informs them of the situation, so Mario and friends follow Bowser to retrieve the mushroom first. They all head to Bowser's mushroom plantation, only to find a giant evil mushroom that it is revealed to be the Pretty Kinoko under the effect of Bowser's fertilizer. Bowser and Mario decide to team up for Peach's sake, and they decide to lure the mushroom to a nearby minefield full of Bob-ombs. During their plan, Bowser knocks himself out after bumping his head on a pipe, while Mario succeeds in luring the mushroom. The explosion cleanses it of its evilness. Peach is turned back to normal and Bowser gets tied up, since their alliance has ended the moment the Pretty Kinoko was obtained.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プリティキノコ
Puriti Kinoko
Pretty Mushroom